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Week 5 ~ January 20, 2012
~ A Shrinking Wardrobe

Five weeks today! Nine more days until my first appointment. I can't wait!! I will feel SO reassured to see that heartbeat. But so far everything seems okay. My symptoms are on and off, just depends on the day. But I'm sure true morning sickness will set in around week 6 or so. I'm definitely more tired than usual, and I find I prefer to go to bed early rather than work on the computer or watch a movie, very unlike me!

Naren and I are going to a wedding dinner tonight without Svara. We have VERY few dates each year without Svara. I think this is the third time within the past year we are going out, which is a record. I got a new dress for the occasion seeing as I do NOT fit into the trim and slim fitting dresses I used to wear to weddings and other formal occasions. I found a new dress last week. I really like that new fashion of dress that is short, but not slim fitting; it basically has no waist. Perfect for these early pregnancy days when I don't want anyone to know I am expecting!

Speaking of clothing, my choice of clothes is already shrinking!! All of my jeans are uncomfortable, so for going out I'm sticking with two pairs of stretchy corduroy pants I have. Hopefully they'll last me through the first trimester. I haven't gained any weight that I can tell, but that early pregnancy bloating is no joke! Naren's parents are here to babysit Svara and I am making sure to wear baggy clothes so they don't suspect. We are not telling even family about the pregnancy until we have seen the heartbeat. It was so hard last time having to call everyone and tell them that we lost the baby. I did tell my own mom, though, so she can send good thoughts and prayers this way! Naren's parents would just worry too much, so we'll just save the good news. I'm happy to be writing this journal so I at least have one outlet to share my early pregnancy journey!

The days until my first appointment seem to be dragging by sooooo slowly. Trying to keep myself occupied! I'm working on re-stocking my etsy shop as I sold quite a few earrings for the Christmas season. It's not going as fast as usual since I am taking time to get little naps in almost every day, but slowly but surely I'll add more stock to my etsy shop! I'm also working on making several new paper quilling jewelry tutorials. It's fun to put those together, but does take time to compile it all. I'll just try to focus on all that work instead of counting down the days to my appointment. Who am I kidding? In between work I'll be googling fetal development pictures. I can't help it! I'll let you know next week how much work I actually get done.


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