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Week 7 ~ February 4, 2012
~ A Heartbeat!

So I had my first appointment this past Monday and as you can see by the title, we saw the heartbeat! I was so relieved to see that little flickering dot. I know it's no guarantee, but it definitely increases the odds greatly for a healthy pregnancy, so I'm feeling much more hopeful now.

We let Svara see the ultrasound as well, so she knows she's going to be a big sister and she's over the moon excited! She talks about it every day and enjoys looking at embryo development pictures and videos with me.

It's been a pretty tiring week symptom-wise. I'm quite tired and take a nap every afternoon. I've also been having some heart palpitations, which is just a little worrying. I know it can totally be normal in pregnancy, and I have had my fair share of heart palpitations throughout my life, but usually they are after exerting myself too much. I've had EKGs before and they are all fine, so it's just a random thing for me. But these seem to be brought on by eating salty snacks, so I'm laying off the salty snacks. However, I still don't feel quite right, and my heart sometimes feels a little bit heavy. I know these can be signs of anemia, so I think I'll stop in to see the doctor again this week just to check. She said they'd be checking hemoglobin during the next appointment, but that's not until the 27th of February and if I have anemia I don't want to wait that long to start fixing it. I'm trying to eat iron rich foods, but with nausea it's not always on the top of my eating wish list. I know that since I'm vegetarian I might be a little more susceptible to anemia. I was vegetarian throughout my pregnancy with Svara as well, however, and I never had any problems at that time. Well, whatever this is I hope I can get it checked out this week and that everything is still okay!

I'm looking forward to grocery shopping, I'm running out of foods that I want to eat! It's about time to figure out what to eat for lunch, so I'll end here for this week.

Thanks for reading!


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