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Week 8 - February 12, 2012
Where is My Appetite?

This week it has been very difficult finding things I want to eat! My nausea is on and off all day, some days worse than others. It's interesting to note the similarities and differences between this and my pregnancy with Svara. With Svara I had a pretty good appetite, though there were certain things I didn't like to eat. I did not like Indian food much at ALL when I was pregnant with Svara. Strangely enough, that's one of the only things I want to eat right now! Luckily I kept an almost weekly journal of my last pregnancy as well so it's nice to be able to compare since it is so easy to forget things!

Another strong "symptom" this week has been crazy dreams. I don't sleep very soundly these days. Two nights ago Naren wasn't home since he had gone to a wedding with his parents in a town several hours away. Usually I sleep fine when he's gone, but that night I woke up every 45 minutes from crazy dreams, it was very exhausting! Most of the dreams had something to do with a man breaking into our house. Thank you crazy pregnancy hormones! Last night I slept slightly better, but still woke up many times from weird dreams. Add to that an average of five bathroom trips throughout the night. Not much fun!

I mentioned last week that I was thinking of going to the doctor to check out my heart palpitations. I started feeling better so I didn't go in; I'll just wait for my appointment in two weeks. I've been trying to make sure I get enough iron and protein. My heart still feels a little fluttery once in awhile, but from what I've read that can be totally normal. It's usually when I bend down and get back up too quickly, so I try not to do that.

It's holiday time around here! Two more weeks until Ayym-i-H, the Bah' holiday. If you are not familiar with it, it is the time of year when Bah's have parties, give gifts, do more charity work, etc. It is from February 25th through March 1st. After Ayym-i-H is the Bah' fasting month. I won't be fasting this year, however, since I am pregnant. I always look forward to Ayym-i-H since it was always a fun time in my family when I was growing up. Special treats, gifts, all that stuff! So this week Svara and I will start making some decorations. Next week we will be baking some goodies and wrapping presents!

I am supposed to be doing housework right now, so I guess I better get to it! I can't do too much at a time because I get crampy when I stand up for too long. So I have to do bits and pieces all day long. Thanks for reading, see you next week!


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