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Week 9 - February 18, 2012
Lazing Around

This past week has gone by pretty quickly, which is good! I can't wait until my appointment in one more week! I have not gotten much done this week, but I had a good reason. I got some intestinal bug or bacteria that totally wore me out. I spent two days on the couch. Luckily Svara wasn't too bad at playing mostly by herself. One afternoon we watched a movie together (Nim's Island) which was a nice relaxing way to spend the afternoon. Since I've been sick in addition to regular "morning" sickness I have done even less cooking this past week. I feel bad when I see poor Naren scrounging around trying to decide what to eat for meals. I told him that he has to start cooking more Indian food. I can manage to cook the rice and perhaps a veggie on the side, but if he cooks the curry it'll go a long way in helping to make some meals around here! He's a pretty good cook; I guess he just got used to me cooking even the curry and such. Time for him to get back into the kitchen!

On a brighter note, I haven't had any heart palpitations or fluttery feelings in my heart the past week, which is good. I'll still mention them to the OB next week just in case.

Since I wasn't feeling well this past week Svara and I didn't get around to start making Ayyám-i-Há decorations until today. Today we started by making some paper chains. We'll see what else we can do in the next few days to make it more festive around here. I think some cleaning is in order as well; all I've been doing is maintenance sweeping. The floors need a good mopping! Maybe Naren can help me out with that as well. Tomorrow is present shopping time!!!

On the baby front, Svara still asks me every day how big the baby is. She's happy when I show that it is a little bigger. She loves watching the fetal development videos on youtube as well. If I'm sitting on the couch she'll come over and lay her head on my stomach saying that she is laying next to the baby. She can't wait to be a big sister! Next Saturday we're going to a jumble sale in the morning where I should be able to pick up some newborn clothing. This organization I belong to has a jumble sale a couple times a year. I want to catch this one just in case I have to miss the next for some reason. It's the easiest way to get cheap baby clothes!

That's about it for this week. In the coming week we'll be making more decorations and baking lots of goodies. I can't wait for the weekend when we'll be spending some fun time with Naren's family for Ayyám-i-Há!


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