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Week 16 ~ August 31, 2005
~ Belly Personalities

This is definitely the 'honeymoon' phase of pregnancy, although I am much more tired this time around. I am anxiously waiting for that extra burst of energy to get caught up on laundry or to clean my house, but it has not showed up yet. But, I have to say, my eyes are not crossing by noon anymore either. So, I'll take what I can get. I don't know if it is being 32 and not 25 or if it is the 3 young children needing my attention. I would guess it to be the latter for sure. There are many women in my family, including my grandmother, who gave birth (at home, no doubt) at 45 or older. So, if they can do it ... so can I. I'm not sure about the 'at home' thing though.

I have felt the little one a few times fluttering inside my belly if I'm lying on my side at night. It nearly stops my breath and I quickly reflect back on all the other kids. Pregnancy IS amazing. I now have 3 little people in my home with all different personalities, and to think our relationships all started in my belly. One thing I've noticed in the past pregnancies is the personality of the belly baby and the personality of the child. They are strikingly similar for some reason, at least in my children. For instance, my son, Alex and my youngest daughter, Sydney, have very similar personalities. They are both very outgoing and active. They smile and chitchat with any Tom, Dick, and Harry in the grocery or wherever we happen to be. They are the friendliest little people and you can get them to pose in front of a camera any time of the day. In the belly, they were the same way as if on stage and wanted to perform. Further along in the pregnancy, they'd kick for anyone. "Tap, Tap, Tap" would go his or her little legs and hands for anyone that touched me. It was if they sensed the new person and wanted to say "hi." My middle daughter, on the other hand, would not kick for anyone and never did. It was her communication meant only for me. And I have to say it came at the best times. Those times when it is tough and you are tired and wondering why you are still pregnant ... 'tap, tap, tap' ... 'for ME, mommy.' My husband tried all pregnancy to feel her kick and she would stop mid kick when he gently placed his hand on my belly. Never failed. Her outward personality is much the same. She is very reserved, cautious, and has to adapt to her surroundings before she proceeds forward. In addition, she holds grudges with her daddy. She loves him, but she gets mad at him and won't talk, look at, or hug him during the week. I think she disapproves of him leaving to go to work Monday thru Friday. Then on Saturday, Brian has to go out of his way to take her out somewhere and they re-bond instantly. She wants that extra nudge from him and the extra hoop for him to jump through. Sounds crazy, but those were the belly babies and their today's personalities. I'm interested to see what this little one will be like.

I am in a water aerobics class at the Y that I just love, although I have been on a hiatus from it for a few weeks. I need to get back in the water today. I worked out in the water with Maria and it was the most wonderful feeling. You feel light, the water is cool, your belly is not heavy, and you don't ache. And the best side effect was the fantastic labor and delivery. Maria practically fell out. She was the second born, but I really feel being in shape helped tremendously too. Working out in water pregnant is much better than on land.

Surprisingly to me, I don't feel too bad right now. I do have a previous back injury from college that flairs up easily due to the fact my pelvis and hips are spreading, but other than that I am feeling pretty good. Hips, butt ,,, another story. They feel fine, but they don't look it. My son has been so kind as to say, "mommy, I don't want to hurt your feelings, but your butt is huge." How kind. He keeps me in check with reality. The body does not forget, that is for sure. I think the day I found out I was pregnant, the clothes felt different. I guess at this point, my body is on automatic pilot and it just says "okay, folks, move on out ... widen a little over there, droop over here a tad, bring in the fat and place it there." So once again, I have to remind myself, it IS totally worth it.

Have a wonderful week!

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