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Week 17 ~ September 6, 2005
~ Little Energy Boost?!?

I had a surge of energy this past weekend! I felt the need to organize all 3 kids' bedrooms and even all the closets. What a job! I took out all the old clothes they no longer fit into and packed them in bags to either donate or give to a needy family. Then I replaced the old with all the new fall clothes, they don't need right now, but will need eventually. I also began moving Sydney's clothes into Maria's room. This is a 4-bedroom house, so the two girls will once again room together after the baby is here. Maria is excited about the prospect of having her sister room with her and is wanting her room painted and Syd moved in tomorrow. It won't be tomorrow, but we'll see how soon it happens. So anyway, I worked from about 9 am to 2 pm or so. Then I got a phone call from my husband that we were going to have company over in a few hours. Yikes! All the hard work I had done was in their 3 bedrooms ... and the rest of the house had fallen apart. I was so looking forward to a nap too, but that did not happen. When he came home we ended up pulling the downstairs together and it all turned out well. We had a great Labor Day weekend with friends and family cooking out both Sunday and Monday. I have to say, I love my husband's grilling ... he could do it every night! It would save me some time too.

I mentioned the surge of energy, because I have noticed I have very little this time around. My poor dining room table has become the 'laundry folding' table. And the past 3 weeks it has also been the closet/dresser/armoire. At least we have a kitchen table to eat on, or we'd be eating on our laps. I think Brian had to go down the stairs every day last week to get dressed for work. In fact, Alex went to get dressed Saturday (the day I got the energy and all the clothes ended up where they belong) and he asked very concerned 'where' his clothes were. I laughed and told him to try his closet. I heard him trip-trap off up the stairs and yell with excitement when he spotted all his clothes in his closet. 'Obvious signs of when you are a tired, pregnant, mom.'

I have truly enjoyed feeling this baby kicking and moving in my belly. Last night was the best yet. I was sitting in our lazy boy chair in our bedroom just reading and watching my husband play Play Station 2, when he/she started to move. It was fantastic. I could feel the stretching, kicking, and almost play-like movements of the little one for many minutes. It felt just like a mini version of the later kicks and bumps I have felt in the other pregnancies. I mentioned it to Brian, who engrossed in his game, stopped it and paused to look at me as if in amazement and wonder of the feelings I must be experiencing. Knowing well enough he'd never be able to feel it yet, for those movements were only for me, he gave me a gentle smile and went back to his game. He gets on these gaming kicks with Play Station. He just dusted it off this week and began playing it again. I haven't seen it since before last Christmas. He loves to buy a game, play it until he 'masters' it, and then he's done for another long while.

Maria, my second, is gearing up for her first time at pre-school. She has been ready for a month now, ever since Alex started. Tomorrow we get to meet her teacher and walk around the classroom. Then next Tuesday, she begins class. She is only going 2 days a week for about 2 1/2 hours each, but I know she is ready for a little time away from home and the structure of a pre-school setting. I don't expect her to be too nervous, but then again I did not expect it out of Alex either. Since I have to drop her off before I bring him to Kindergarten, she'll have Alex by her side every day to ease any nerves she might have. I have heard her asking him a few questions all ready, like "where is the playground." You know, the 'important' things about school. This happens to be the same pre-school Alex attended last year, so she looks to him to be the expert. I am sure it is easier being second born than first, at times.

Sally dressed upI have not yet mentioned two other close family members in our house, our 2 dogs. We have a 9 year old Yellow Lab, named Sally, and a newer to the family 2 year old Golden Retriever, named Lego. They are a lot of fun and keep the kids very entertained. I honestly could not ask for 2 better dogs to have around all these kids. The kids can do anything to them and they just 'take it.' I have found Sally dressed up on occasion with necklaces, shirts, hats and all. She happily allows them to dress her and play with her. Then Sydney loves to either sit on Lego or crawl in between huge front legs and just pet him. He'll sit for hours with her. Sally is Alex's sleeping partner and best pet-friend (as he calls her). He hates to sleep alone, so she sleeps with him. And she hates to sleep on the floor, so she sleeps on his bed, with a pillow, and a blanket. Win-Win. Lego is in our room for now. Maria mentioned she wanted him in her room, but with Syd moving in soon I figure he is just fine in our room right now. So, he gets the entire upstairs and our room at night but no 'on the bed, pillow, or blanket.' I think he'll live though; he does have a huge comfy dog bed near my side of the bed. The house would just not be the same without our dogs. They are part of our family and we all love them.

LegoI'll close, leaving you with the images of my house right now at this moment. It makes me chuckle, so I must share. My son is dressed as a Knight/Solider (a combo outfit with cowboy boots too), Maria is pretending to be a dog, but is dressed up in a lion suit (which she knows is a lion, but I am supposed to remember that she is actually a 'dog IN a lion suit,' she says), and Syd can't dress herself yet so she is toddling around in "Queen of the Castle" jammies. All three of them are dancing, singing, and laughing to the music of Aladdin on the CD player turned up loudly in the other room. And the toys are from me (at the computer) to the entertainment center at the back of the house. Life is very active and I better go be a part of it!

Have a wonderful week! I have an OB appointment this Friday, so I'll let you know how everything is going next week and hopefully be able to tell you when my first ultrasound will be scheduled.

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