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Week 18 ~ September 14, 2005
~ Pregnant Brain

Well, I had told you all that I would let you know how my OB appointment was and if and when we set an ultrasound appointment. But, I read the calendar wrong. My appointment is this upcoming Friday (9/16). Oops! At least my 'pregnant brain' did not allow me to pack all the kids in the car and drive to the appointment that did not exist. I did happen to notice it late Thursday night. What is it with the 'pregnant brain?' I consider myself a rather intelligent person. But, get me pregnant and even a neon sign on my head won't help me to remember things. My husband laughs at my shortcomings during this time. There are many conversations in my house similar to this; (me) "you did not tell me that" ... (Brian) "yes I did, and it was actually your idea to invite 15 people to our house in the first place" ... (me) "oh." After 4 pregnancies, I've just learned to say "oh." It seems to work. Then he gives me a little chuckle and just shakes his head.

I had a wonderful and rare 'mommy only' time this weekend. I went to a women's retreat held at our church from 8 am Saturday to 4 pm on Sunday. Brian was in charge and he called in his mom for some back up. Turns out it was a good thing she came because he had more commitments out of the house in connection to the retreat I was in than he realized. He went on the same retreat (but for men) 6 months ago and absolutely loved it. The kids had a wonderful time with Grandma. I had a wonderful time with the ladies. It was a great weekend! People have asked me if I worried or missed the kids. Not really, of course I missed them, but they were in such able and good hands, how could I not enjoy the moments of what was happening at the time. I came home to happy kids. Although my daughter, Maria, who will give my husband the cold shoulder when he arrives home on a Friday from work, gave it to me when I walked in on Sunday. It did not last long, but she wanted me to 'know my place' for leaving her. She is too funny.

I am the mom of a pre-schooler now. Yesterday, Maria started pre-school for the first time. If you've read my past journals, you'll remember she has been anxiously waiting for this day for over a month since her brother started Kindergarten. I expected her to get a little nervous, but never expected her to do the things she did. I picked out a cute outfit for her to wear on her first day with lacy socks and new tennis shoes and bow to match. In her 3-year-old standing up to authority way, she decided to refuse to wear anything but her Barney underwear. 10 minutes to go, I am telling her how her classmates will not like to meet her in her Barney underwear. With all the confidence in the world, she just looked at me and asked "why?" It was at that moment I knew I was going to lose this one. And it was not worth forcing the situation when I wanted it to be a positive one. So I told her to run upstairs and pick out an outfit of her choice. She ended up in Barney underwear (of course), a butterfly t-shirt she has worn outside playing all summer, and a khaki skirt/shorts that she has also played in all summer. No tennis shoes either; she needed to wear her worn out pink sandals from springtime. Hey, she was dressed and we could go out the door. It was not the typical first day of school outfit I had envisioned, but she was on her way. I did get a bow in her hair with very little complaint since it matched one of the butterflies on her shirt. She is into things matching, so I pull that trick out in desperate times. She also opted for her brother's old gray backpack instead of her pink one. At this point, I did not care. I added a pink Care Bear to it so it looked a little more girlie. I guess she wanted her 'comfort' things around her on her first day. And looking back, I don't blame her a bit. I'm going to have to keep this journal, due to the pregnant brain's inability to remember anything, and have her pick out an 'old' comfort outfit next year on her first day again. She ended up having a wonderful day and was very excited to tell me everything they did.

Now that Alex is getting older he is in charge of feeding and watering the dogs, among other things like taking care of his room. My husband and I are considering giving him a small allowance now that school has started, but I am dragging my feet trying to think out how I want to do it. I truly don't believe kids should get an allowance for doing things they 'should' do around the house anyway. And I don't believe they should just sit around, misbehave, or complain about their chores and get paid either. There is a 'fine line' there. We are a family unit and we all must help each other out. But, the time has come and he does need to learn what to do with his money too. I hope to establish a little bank fund where he can learn to save part, spend some, and most importantly tithe part. I hope to offer him good choices in tithing that he can 'feel' a part of, like buying a new toy for a needy child at Christmas. I have done that with him in the past, but he has not spent 'his' own money doing it.

In my parent's group today I got to participate in a game where the expectant mother draws either Peanut M&M's or Plain M&M's out of a bag. It is a fun way to announce your pregnancy to the group and to determine the sex of the baby (of course 100% accurate). Anyway, the M&M's with the 'nuts' indicate you are having a boy and the plain is for a girl. We did not make this game up. One of our members heard about it through a group she was previously in. So the results ... of the 3 pregnant women I drew the bag with the peanuts. So according to that medical theory, I am having a boy. So, now I have my son's prediction and the medically accurate M&M prediction that I am having a boy. I don't think I have mentioned my reoccurring dreams of a boy also. I've had 3 so far, that I can recall. The most recent was last night. I dreamt that my husband was telling me he wished we were having another girl. I distinctly remember telling him in my dream 'too bad, it's a boy.' I don't know why I said 'too bad' I don't really have a preference to a boy or girl. But if I had my pick, I'd love one of those non-colicky babies, boy or girl is perfectly fine, who are real content and quiet and sleep through the night right away. I've not had one of those yet.

I failed to mention Sydney this time. She is doing just fine. In fact she is making this typing a challenge right now as she is sitting on my lap and trying to type right along with me. Syd is not usually too far away from being right under my feet, but when she is, she is usually getting into some sort of trouble. Last week we decided to give the dogs a bath. The water was leaking and collecting in an area in the yard that there was no grass (another story all together). Anyway, it was forming a mud hole. I am just scrubbing away, the dogs are shaking all the soap on me, the kids are squirrelly and running because there is water involved, and I am not paying too much notice to Syd. After all, the back yard is all fenced in and she is pretty safe everywhere out there. But, in this case she happened to be right behind me. All the sudden I heard my son yell "mom, (laugh, laugh, choke, choke ... he can't get his words out of his mouth), look at Syd." There she was. Dressed in her Sunday sundress, white sandals and all, standing ankle deep in a mud hole, splashing and laughing. She was covered with mud, head to toe, and having a ball doing it. That in a nutshell, is the perfect example of my happy and smiley Syd. With my gaze then on my daughter, I had a dog who decided to 'break away' all full of soap and run around the yard rolling and shaking since my concentration was no longer on him. So, the adventure to clean 2 dogs ended up becoming 2 dogs (one twice), and 3 kids (Syd in the most need), and an outfit soaked in stain remover.

Have a wonderful week! Next week, I'll be able to tell you about my appointment, as long as I remember it.

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