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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19 ~ September 21, 2005
~ "Finding Out"

I went to the doctor last Friday (with all the kids). Everything is still going great. The kids love to hear the baby's healthy heart beat. The doctor said the baby is measuring large, but not large enough for twins. I knew I looked big. I told him my third baby was an induction, also my only induction, but the doctor recommended it at the time because Sydney was measuring large. She was born huge and healthy at 8.11 pounds 2 weeks before her due date. He just shook his head and smiled and jotted down the information. He said he is excited to see the ultrasound in four weeks. Four Weeks! We set the ultrasound for October 18th, which is also my next appointment. I'll almost be 24 weeks at that time. That is the latest I've ever had a scheduled ultrasound. He said he likes them at least 24 weeks for better picture quality. Well, I guess that is not too long to wait.

Many people ask me if I am going to 'find out' if it is a boy or a girl. I will find out. I know - I'm weak. I wish I could wait, but I just hate surprises. I'm the kind of person that if you tell me you bought me something and asked if I want it now or later, I'd pick now. I can't wait. Patience. I see the same problem emerging in my three kids too. I say, "Patience is a virtue" many times a day to them. They roll their eyes and try to wait their turn, of course, not so patiently. I also found out the sex of the baby for the other three. This time Alex and Maria really want to know too. As of last week, Alex has switched his vote to girl. Hummmmm. I am still voting on boy, but we'll find out soon enough. So, I should be able to report to you what we are having later next month.

There was a time when my husband and I had differing ideas on whether or not to find out. He thought the surprise should be in the delivery room and I just wanted to know and to prepare. I am an organizing fanatic. Not that I am organized, but I love to organize. Having the sex of the baby just made it all orderly in my mind. When I was pregnant with Alex, I happened to work the next suite over from an OB. He was such a great doctor, the only reason he was not my OB was that I drove 45 minutes to get to work, and I could not imagine living that far away from him and the hospital. Turns out I labored for 29 hours, so I could have walked back and forth to the hospital a few times. Anyway, one day I wandered next door to visit and chitchat with the doctor and his staff. He happened to ask me if I knew what I was having yet. I did not. So he offered to do a quick ultrasound 'peek.' That was one of many advantages of working right next door. Since my husband was not present, I did not want to be alone when I found out what we were having. So, the doctor printed off a picture, wrote the sex of the baby on the picture, and sealed it in an envelope. Wow! I had in my hand, the sex of the baby. I was good though. I did make it home without opening it, and since it happened to be Christmas time, I placed it in my husband's stocking. As we sat down after dinner and I told him if he wanted to know the sex of the baby, he needed to go to his stocking to open the envelope. All reservations of not wanting to know flew out the window and he ran to pick up the envelope in the stocking. So, as the clock passed midnight, we opened the envelope on Christmas Eve. Obviously, you all know the results - it was a boy. But the funniest part of the story was what the doctor wrote on the picture. Instead of writing 'it's a boy,' he opted to use the symbol for boy; you know the circle with the arrow. So, we were both teary eyed to begin with, and then we had to question each other that the sign we saw was the 'boy' symbol. It definitely made us laugh.

I'm having strange hair changes with this pregnancy. My naturally poker straight hair is curly all of a sudden. I notice it about 3 weeks ago and just dismissed it. Then one night I decided to just quickly dry my hair before bed. I looked up in the mirror after drying it and it was curly! My friends have all laughed at me and can't believe the enormous amount of body my hair now has. Another strange hair change was when I was pregnant with Maria. For some reason when I was pregnant with her my hair turned red (which it is naturally not). She happened to be born a strawberry blond. So, maybe I'm onto something here. Maybe this is my hair's way of telling me we will have a curly haired child in the family. It's about time. They all have straight, blond hair. This one could change the mold.

Scooby is living in my house lately. My 3 year old has decided she is Scooby. Not Scooby Doo, but a pink dog named Scooby. It began a few weeks ago when we were shopping. The dressing room attendant asked her what her name was. She answered very matter-a-fact-like, "Scooby." In fact, now if you call her 'Maria' she will first correct you before she answers you and say "Scooby." I have convinced her that she is not Scooby at school or at church. She can be Scooby the rest of the time if she wants. It is kind of cute, but I am really ready to stop calling my daughter, Scooby.

I'm still feeling pretty physically good with my pregnancy. I am not nauseous or in too much discomfort at this time. But, I have noticed I am in a food rut. Nothing sounds good. It is not that I don't like the foods, it is just none of them sound good and I don't feel like cooking them. I can go to the grocery and just go up and down the aisles and not find anything I really crave. I guess you could say I am not over-eating. The combination of the pregnant brain unable to remember and nothing really sounding good to eat has forced me to resort to planning my meals out in advance in order to go to the grocery store. Otherwise, no one would eat in this house. I had many different cravings with the last pregnancies, but I don't really recall the non-craving of food. My past favorites were BW3's hot wings, strawberries by the pints, and PB&J with a huge glass of milk. I've craved milk with all the pregnancies. In fact with 3 kids and myself drinking it, we must go through 5 gallons of milk a week. I've never really counted, but I know we don't make it on 3, which is usually what I buy when I go. I end up stopping in a second time for a couple more gallons. My husband thinks we should kidnap one of the cows that are in a pasture behind our house. I don't think I told you about our cow neighbors. We live in Indiana and we have cows as neighbors. But, we actually live in a subdivision and right outside of Indianapolis. I guess you could say these cows are 'city' cows. The kids just love them and I have many pictures of them feeding them grass along the fence. Every year they have baby calves and we get to see the little babies grow up. Unfortunately, they leave every year over the winter and when they come back, they are not the same group of cows as the year before. I try not to think about that too much. Having only lived here a year, we are now on our second group, I guess that is considered a herd, but being 'city' cows, I think 'group' fits too.

Have a wonderful week! Half way there!! (I can't believe it!)

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