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Week 20 ~ September 28, 2005
~ Spa Day

Ok ... whoever invented the 'all day' Spa Day is now my best friend. My husband insisted that I attend a spa day this past Saturday from 8-4. He really did insist, but of course I did not resist. What an experience! I had reflexology, a massage, healing touch, T'ai Chi Ch'uan, guided meditation, and breakfast and lunch. It was wonderful! I was able to take some time for myself. At the guided meditation session, I was asked if I felt guilty for taking time for myself, and I honestly had to say no. I didn't. Often it is hard to not feel guilty, but I truly believe we all need to 'recharge' every once in a while. This society has programmed us to 'push-push' and 'rush-rush' through life. For if we are not doing something, planning something, making something, or running somewhere, we are worthless or lazy. Well, I'm not buying that policy. WHY? When I do get caught up in all the activity, and we all do, I am not nearly as good of a wife and mother. I'm not as good as a friend or daughter. How could you be? You have to schedule time just for yourself. Those of you who are calendar people, and I know I am one, write down that 30 minutes, 1 hour, or ½ day and block it off. Don't allow anyone to book anything over top of you. You will be a better person for that time you spent on yourself, and you will be able to focus your attention on the things at hand more easily. And trust me, it does not require a Spa Day to reap the same benefits. Take a bubble bath. Read a book. Sit alone on the porch and listen to the birds. Just enjoy and be 'in the moment.' And don't plan next week's activities during that time; you can book that type of time later. Me time, must be just that, 'me time' and time to relax.

To top my Saturday off, my husband and I had a date night. We attended a Nigerian cultural festival with a bunch of other friends. It was a really fun time. They had beautiful costumes, a fashion show of different styles of clothing worn by different tribes, masquerades, live African music, and my favorite part was a war dance. I was not too keen on the food and preferred eating the cake, but then again, I haven't had many cravings lately either. So, I'm not the best judge of food right now. I was fascinated by and loved getting a view of a culture I knew little, if any, about. The people were beautiful and made me feel just as much a part of their culture as they were.

While at Spa Day I visited a reflexologist. It was interesting, the reflexologist picked up rather quickly after touching my feet that I suffered from acid reflux. Hummmm. Either, she did too when she was pregnant, or there is something to that reflexology. I do believe the later. But, my acid reflux has been terrible lately with this pregnancy. Right now it is only at night. But slowly I've figured out red sauce does not agree. Then the other night neither does grilled cheese. I am starting to think it is just eating at night that bothers me. On Friday night I was actually coughing the reflux was so bad. Tums has worked so far and seems to immediately calm it down so I can fall asleep. But sometimes I am stubborn and don't take anything until absolutely necessary. Coughing on Friday night was reason enough to take a Tums. There is a wives tale about acid reflux. They say it is a sign that you will have a baby with a full head of hair. All my kids are born much bald. So, only time will tell.

The baby has been extremely active lately. I almost see a pattern developing as far as waking and sleeping. I think the baby is supposed to be awake and sleeping much like a newborn right about now. Mine is awake a little more then that though. I hope that is not another sign to come. I was really hoping for a sleeper in the family. The baby really likes when I sit with my feet up for some reason. Almost instantly when I sit, the baby wakes up and begins to kick. Sunday, I could feel the baby very strongly, so I had my husband try to feel. He looked at me as if I was crazy. He's been down this road many times and knows he can't feel the baby until you can practically see your belly move with the kick. At least that is with him. But, he stopped what he was doing and once again tried to feel the baby. The moment he touched me, the baby stopped. The baby also kicks when my kids sit or lay on me too. They don't react as if they feel it either, but they like asking me if the baby is kicking them. I think they like the thought of the baby moving in my belly. Alex will be almost 7 when the baby is born, so I told him this is one of the few times this baby can kick him and get away with it.

I've been having little Braxton Hicks contractions already. They are completely painless right now, but several times per day I can feel my tummy tighten for about 10 seconds and then relax. At first, I felt it was too early to have them, but after reading an article on StorkNet, I found out the second trimester is a time when they can begin. Even though I've been here several times before, I too wonder if things are 'normal' every once in a while. Truly, every pregnancy has been just a tad bit different. Enough that questions can and will arise.

As I cross the halfway point and look forward to the last half of the pregnancy, I begin to focus on trying to organize in my head. The 'nesting' urge has not yet settled in, I wish it would, but I am beginning to think about things I should get together. I do know I have shopping to do for the baby. They say to toss your car seats after they are 6 years old, at least in Indiana that is the recommendation. And since Alex is 6, the first car seat is too old to use once again. I got my money's worth though. I used it with the other 3 kids. I also want to get Sydney moved into Maria's room and have their room painted. Then I need to get the nursery together. It is freshly painted as of a few months ago, but I need to find bedding that matches the bright yellow paint. I might just use the same bedding from all the rest, but I feel like a change this time around. And it never hurts to get my toys once again organized. Notice, I am only 'thinking' about all of this stuff. All this thinking gets me tired and then and need a nap.

Have a wonderful week!

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