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Week 22 ~ October 12, 2005
~ Can I have a Do Over?

Ever had one of those mornings in which you wish you could just say "Do Over." Well, this one happened to be one of those mornings. Really, in hindsight it was not a bad day, just a day with many major things happening at once. To begin with, a cousin on my mom's side died of cancer on Monday. His funeral is 15 hours north in Houghton, MI tomorrow (Thursday). Then my husband has had nose surgery scheduled for a month for 6 o'clock this morning (Wednesday). My mom offered to help so I could go with Brian to the surgery. That seems simple enough except that I've put off the laundry and house cleaning a bit lately. Okay, a lot. So, I am frantically cleaning yesterday when the decision was made that now both my parents and my aunt would arrive at my house Tuesday night. They would sit the girls Wednesday morning and would stay long enough to get Alex on the bus. Then they would head north with both girls for the funeral. Oh, yeah, Alex had a field trip today (Wednesday), so instead of PM Kindergarten, he got to ride the morning bus to go all day. My parents thought taking the girls would give my husband some quiet recovery time with only Alex and myself around to bug him, or not bug him I guess would be the point. So, I'm doing laundry, cleaning house, packing the girls, getting Alex's stuff ready for the field trip, and trying not to think about the surgery aspect too. When my parents and aunt arrive, my house still looks like a mess although I did get my toy closet clean. I have the bad habit of doing a dumb project that no one will notice in order to prepare for a visit. Not that my parents or aunt care what my house looks like, I do.

But anyway, on Tuesday night our well-orchestrated plans were in place. As this morning dawns and we arrive at the surgery center at dark, scheduling issues arise and Brian's surgery ended up being postponed to November 2. Uggh. I have just had 4 or less hours of sleep. I spent half the night worrying and the other half telling myself to go to sleep. I am sighing both in relief that he did not have to have surgery, and disappointment because I was finally 'ready' to just get it over with and put it behind us. By the way, his surgery is for a severe deviated septum, if you were wondering. So, I guess we have to go through this entire routine of having my mom come sit, and then she offered once again to take the girls for a few days. But, hey - we've done it once, so it should go smoothly the next time around. Maria ended up leaving today to go up to the funeral with my parents and my aunt for a 'vacation' as she calls it. I guess at age 3, a hotel and a pool is a vacation and she is enjoying all the spoiling from her favorite people. So after unpacking Sydney's clothes, diapers, swimming gear, car seat, bedding things and such - they were off. It is Maria's first time away from me, but I know she is enjoying every minute of it.

On another note, Alex and Maria are still excited about this pregnancy. They know I am pregnant, keep watching my belly grow, try to feel the kicks, and are full of questions. But, I think it is all just starting to register for Sydney. She is only 21 months now, but is showing many signs that she knows there is a baby coming. The other night she was picking up my shirt and pointing at my belly. Then she would gently tap or poke at my belly, put my shirt back down, and then lift it up again as if playing peek-a-boo. Have you ever played the 'what will my baby think of a new baby in the house' game in your mind? I've been doing it once again, but I have to keep telling myself every time I am happily surprised by the child's reactions. Alex was immediately excited about Maria. Since we knew she was a girl, he even knew her name and when it was time to come hold her, he could have held her all day long. They are still close. Maria was only 18 months when Sydney was born, but for being so young she really seemed to like her little sister and liked the thought that she was a big sister even more. She would help me in her own little ways and try sharing her things with the baby. Now, I catch Maria explaining to Sydney that she will no longer be the baby in the family, but instead a 'big girl' and a big sister too. I am sure Sydney does not catch the conversation in its entirety, but she seems to be fascinated by babies and my belly now. She will walk over to strollers and gently look inside in hopes to see a baby. So, I am confident, Sydney will also have a positive reaction to the new addition.

Next Tuesday we have our ultrasound! I told you all I will definitely find out what we are having, as long as the little one cooperates. The doctor is anxious to get the measurements, thinking the baby is measuring large. I am anxious to finally to see the little one. I have not seen the baby yet. I have only felt him/her. Brian and Sydney will go to the appointment with me. Alex and Maria will be in school, but we will bring plenty of pictures home for them to view. I've never taken any of my kids into an ultrasound. We tried with Alex when I was pregnant with Maria, but he got upset. He was afraid I was being hurt and cried in order to keep the tech away from me. He is still that way, very overprotective of me, but he is old enough now to understand I am not being hurt during an ultrasound. The good thing is that he and Maria will both miss it together. That way they can both look at the pictures together while I tell them all about it.

Final weekly thoughts ... my children were making a poster size drawing for the family of our cousin who died on Monday. Feeling the pressure of the week drawing near I decided to take that time to sit at the computer to at least begin my weekly StorkNet journal entry that I submit on Wednesdays. Oh, another 'Wednesday' thing I can add to today's happenings. Anyway, Sydney found a permanent marker buried in the crayon box and decided to decorate. Not just her arms or face like my others have both done at least once, but her ears. And I mean inside and outside her ears. What would possess her to do that? She also made cat-like whiskers on her face and then proceeded to mark up her forehead and neck. Now, obviously I am totally unaware of these happenings. You would think the other two would take notice and tell me. They usually do. Most of the time I am told if Sydney does anything with the two of them around. But this time it was viewed as more of a sideshow. I heard giggling and giggling in the other room. I thought 'what is up with them?' So, I ventured into the kitchen and found Sydney. She just looked at me like "what do you think" all smiley and such. I guess it could have been my furniture. So, I'm thankful it was just her ears and body. And after a long soaking tub with me that night, she is clean once again. So, the marker did come off, with some scrubbing.

Have a W-O-N-D-E-R-F-U-L week!

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