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Week 23 ~ October 19, 2005
~ The Ultrasound

I will not drag it out for all of you. My son's change of heart and my parents' guess were both correct... we are having a girl! So much for maternal instincts; I guess I was totally wrong. But, now that I know, I think I might have known all along, but still tried to sell myself on the fact it was a boy. My grumpiness is one sign for sure, that now makes complete sense. Although, I know every pregnancy is different, I was so happy and calm with Alex vs. all the girls. I have had more women comment on the shortness in their tempers while carrying their daughters. I also had lots of morning sickness. I did not have any with Alex. Acne was another sign I tried to ignore too. Then you can't forget he Chinese Conception Chart; it is now 100% accurate with my four kids. We are all really, really happy. I'll admit, having thought I was correct, the wind was knocked out of my sails just slightly when I saw and heard the news, but I am completely thrilled. How could I not be? I am having a healthy baby. It is times like this when you get to reflect on the true miracle of life. You get a glimpse of how little control you have in this life, and how there is a greater plan all ready paved out before you. This little girl was given to me and I will cherish her forever!

Oh, if you are all wondering about the rest of the crew's reactions. Brian was very happy. He loves being the father to girls. He did not even seem to be phased by the news. It makes me think he also thought it was a girl, but I actually never asked. I think Brian and Alex are making plans for an apartment above the garage for when the girls are teenagers, just so they can get away. Just think, my girls will be hormonal teenagers and I could be beginning 'the change' at the same time. WOW... can you all envision my house in about 15 years. Wonder if there is a website for that? Maria is thrilled to know there will be another girl in the house. Sydney is just smiling, she doesn't really understand. And Alex had the best reaction of them all. He got off the bus after school and I met him at the end of the driveway, like I always do. I gave him a big hug, and handed him the ultrasound pictures without saying a word. He said, "YES, I knew I was right, it is a girl!" And then he proceeded to jump up and down and scream, "Yes, yes, yes." I did not even have to tell him, he just knew.

Have any of you seen a 3-D ultrasound? The tech took a few 3-D pictures for us after she was done with all her measurements and after we saw the baby in detail. I don't know if I really like the new technology. I admit the still pictures are great. But, it is the part about getting them to focus. It looked like something out of a horror movie. The arm looked like it was coming out of her neck, and then she looked like a really scary skeleton. Then the photo we finally had printed off is only of a head, no body. I don't know where it is, but it is not on the picture. The tech turned off the 3D to show us the baby did in fact look completely normal. But, I do appreciate that she showed me the pictures. It was just much different then the GE commercials with sweet music in the background and the baby sucking her thumb.

My husband felt the baby kick the other night! He was so excited. He remembered that he could never feel Maria. I am sure he could have felt the baby a while ago, but it never wanted to kick for him. But the other night I was again reading in my chair in the bedroom and the baby woke up. She kicked and kicked for about 15 minutes. Then I finished reading and crawled into bed, but she continued to kick. So, I grabbed Brian's hand and placed it on my belly. Within a few seconds she kicked him several times. It was wonderful. I feel so selfish at times. Although pregnancy can be hard, tiring, and sometimes painful, I get those little movements and kicks all to myself. He can't even possibly understand how it feels. Those are the times you can sit back and reflect on the amazing things about being pregnant. I am sure it was intended to be that way. Just like it is meant to take 40 weeks to have a baby because in the beginning you are thinking 'oh, this is great, I could do this forever.' This is of course assuming there is no morning sickness. Then it progresses to 'well, I am really tired, but the baby is moving and it keeps you excited.' Then finally, there is no room left for the baby to fit. You might have fears about labor and delivery, but you are more convinced that the baby can't possibly live in you another day longer and you just 'want her out' and want to be able to hold her. It is part of the maternal bonding. It starts right away; at least in me it did.

Hope all of you have a wonderful week! Now, we have some names to start picking out, I don't think she'll like the name 'John Michael' too much. That was the boy's name we had chosen.

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