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Week 24 ~ October 25, 2005
~ Something happened on the way to...

Oh, have I got a story for you. This weekend was my birthday. I knew well in advance my husband would be out of town. That was fine. He and I discussed it a long time ago. So, since he would be gone, I decided to go to Dayton to visit my parents. I do see them at least once or twice a month, but it had been a long time since I drove there since Alex had soccer on Saturdays and my husband had regular meetings on Sundays. Anyway, it was a rather event filled drive to say the least.

I was organized and ready to leave 'on time' for a change. Alex jumped off the bus; we loaded the dogs, and got in the van. We were not very far into our trip when a horrible odor hit the air. I was familiar with the smell, but not from inside my van. I hesitantly glance back to notice one of my 2 dogs did not feel too well and decided to poop in the van. This has never happened before. But, the problem was that we were at a very bad place to stop. We were in traffic in Indianapolis heading onto I-70. As soon as we could, we stopped to clean it out, and I cleaned the van as best I could. I was lucky I brought an entire container of baby wipes with me or I would have been in trouble. As we almost pull out of the parking lot, the already very stinky van all of a sudden smells even worse. You've got to be kidding. This same dog, has now decided he is really sick and has an 85 pound dog's worth of diarrhea all over the back of the van. And I mean all over. He almost hit Sydney with his aim, but her car seat is just high enough that it only ran down the side of her seat. I'll spare you the rest of the details as to where I found it. But, if that wasn't enough he stepped in it and proceeded to walk around leaving big poop prints on the carpet. I am now horrified, but what can I do? I have to clean it up.

Sydney was actually coughing and sounding like she was gagging. That was all I'd need in the mix - vomit, but she held it in. Maria was singing a made up 'yucky poop' song, and Alex the trooper was un-strapped from his seat holding the bag as I dish him the globs of poo. I failed to mention it was about 45 degrees and raining too. So, opening up the windows was not a good option, although in desperation we had to crack them a little. Oh, what a memory. I don't think we'll forget that trip any time soon. I am sure when we got out of the car our clothes just reeked with the stench. Fortunately, the rest of the trip was rather uneventful. But, the car did smell like fresh dog poop the entire way. And the dog had gas, but fortunately no more emergency stops to clean the van out.

The remaining weekend was really fun. Mom and I saw the Ten Tenors, which was a wonderful show and I highly recommend you go if they tour in your city. We ate Grader's Ice Cream cake and had a great time catching up and playing with the kids.

On a much 'cleaner' subject, I love the nesting urge. I am patiently waiting for it to kick in once again. When I was pregnant with Sydney that wonderful nesting urge prompted me to organize every toy in my house one week. Every toy, and I do mean everything, has a tote. For instance, I have an action figure tote, I have a Pretty Pony tote, there is a puppet tote, a food for the play kitchen tote, Little People tote. You get the picture. And totes come in all sizes with lids, so everything fits. Now, mind you, it is a daunting task when you first take it on, organizing that is, but it is so worth it when it is done. My kids 'know' where everything goes and for the most part it all gets put back in its place. The best part is they can do it themselves. I do have to pick up some, but they all help in their own ways too. To make the task of toys even easier, each of my kids has a plastic drawer in my toy closet. In that drawer go the cherished McDonald's toys and other misfits. It also houses toys that they hold dear for that week or so. Maybe that toy has another tote, but it is being played with so much it makes sense to allow it to go in an easier place for the short while that it is considered an obsession. One other thing I invested in is a clear plastic over the door shoe rack. Now, that is a wonderful thing. It holds all those small parts and pieces that get misplaced. It also holds hairbrushes and bows. For some reason, if I don't keep the hair supplies there, we can't ever seem to find them. The shoe rack is something I usually handle. When I notice things filling up too much, I grab the small parts and pieces and bring them to their totes. That way, we usually don't ever lose any parts to games or other small things. I know where to put them and they wait patiently for me to bring them to their spots.

To go along with all these totes, I also have developed a toy library; I guess that is what you would call it. That means, after you take on the daunting task of organizing, you don't just stack the totes up and say 'have at it kids' or you will quickly realize that all your hard work can be opened and thrown around faster then you can blink. Then the whole idea of having the totes to begin with is lost. I keep about 70% of my toted toys on shelves in the garage. And the kids all know to bring a tote out of the house in order to bring a tote into the house. Unfortunately, we don't have a basement in this house, otherwise that is were these shelves would be. Now, it is not as militaristic as it sounds. If you watch a pre-school class, the teacher expects that exact same behavior. She will tell the kids to put a toy away before they get out another one. Why can't that same thing work at home? The garage is just far enough away that it takes some thought instead of just flitting from one thing to the next haphazardly. It seems it is enough of an extra step that prevents total destruction from happening. And the best benefit is that the toys are always new to the kids. It is amazing how long they will play with something that they haven't seen for a few weeks. And let's face it, kids won't play with a big huge mess, or with parts and pieces of things either. So, deep down, I think my kids appreciated the organization. I have to chuckle now, because as I am typing this the Dora House and Dora tote are headed to the garage while the Little People tote and Farm are coming in the door. See, they know the drill and it works for me.

Last week in all my excitement about the ultrasound, I forgot to mention one thing. I had told you the doctor was excited to see the ultrasound because I was measuring large. Well, our little girl is exactly on track. I had the ultrasound at 24 weeks and 2 days, and ultrasound measured the little one at 24 weeks and 2 days. So, we are right on track for February 5th. Why am I measuring large? I really was afraid to ask. Although I have not gained too much weight thus far (about 12 pounds), I was overweight to begin with. I did not want the doctor to tell me it was the 'extra' weight. So, we'll never know. But, he did say some people measure large and the ultrasound measures another. I guess that is satisfactory enough. Next month I have the glucose tolerance test. I've not had problems in the past, but every pregnancy is different.

Have a great week! I have a van to clean for the 10th time. It still smells.

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