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Week 25 ~ November 4, 2005
~ Halloween

I've had a head cold this week, which I always seem to get in late October. It must be the weather changes that overtake me. I am still struggling with gaining the little bit of energy that I have back, but the cold itself seems pretty much gone. Carving pumpkins did not even happen until Halloween Day. The kids did not seem to care. They got them done and had a wonderful time. Then we got dressed to go trick or treating.

HalloweenTrick or Treat was fun this year. Alex and Maria were very much into running house to house through our neighborhood. I know Sydney would have run with them, but with all the bigger kids and the dark, I felt she was much safer in the stroller. Alex and Maria brought back treats for her to keep her busy. Each year our neighborhood makes a big deal over Halloween. They bring in a fire truck and ambulance for the kids to sit on and talk to the firemen. Then the fire truck leads a parade with lights and quiet sirens going... then the first few houses the fire truck passes get hit with all the trick or treat-ers at once. It is crazy, but as parents, we enjoy it all too. Our house is on the 'fire truck' parade path and probably saw at least 130 kids or so this year. I bought snack bags of Doritos this year and suckers as back ups. We were into the suckers in less then an hour into the evening.

Oh, I have to pass this wonderful idea along. I can't take credit for it, but when I heard about it, I could not possibly keep it all to myself. It is called the "Candy Witch." Maybe some of you have heard about her. The candy witch comes about 2 days after trick or treat. The kids get a day or so to pick out their favorite candy, then they set their candy out in their pumpkin containers and the Candy Witch pays a visit. The Candy Witch takes the candy (and brings it to the office or whereever she wants to take it) and in its place she leaves little presents like Hot Wheels Cars or books. The kids are actually excited to give up their candy and the parent's headaches of "can I have some more candy" are alleviated. Hope it helps in your house too!

My husband finally had his deviated septum nose surgery. This was his first ever surgery with intubation, anesthetic and the recovery room. It all went very smoothly and he is expected to recover and have wonderful breathing once all is healed. The surgeon expected it to last about 40 minutes and it did. He also did not encounter any surprises once he was performing the surgery. Brian is home and recovering well. He will be off work about a week. Today, I am slowly weaning him off his narcotic pain meds and replacing them with Tylenol and Motrin. The narcotics caused him to be very itchy and very dizzy. He has a little swelling, but no bruising at all. The kids are happy to have him home. I'm glad for their sake he does not look any different then normal. As for me, I've been the 'nurse.' I laughed and told him this morning that he is worse then a newborn. He barely sleeps because his nose is very clogged with swelling and healing. And so I don't accidentally bump him, I am sleeping in a chair in the bedroom and he gets the bed with his head elevated. He wakes at least every hour. And about every 2 hours I have to go down the stairs to replace his ice packs and ice water. When he does sleep, since he is breathing only through his mouth, he is snoring. I question if I've really slept yet. Hopefully, Brian feels I am taking good care of him and he hasn't notices my 'eye rolling' at 2 AM. He should be up on his feet and taking care of himself by the end of the weekend.

Brian hates that I am 'waiting' on him especially for simple things like getting him a glass of ice water, but when he walks down the stairs and begins to get things for himself (which he is not supposed to do by doctor's orders), his nose begins to bleed. I told him Wednesday, when he was wheeled back from recovery that I'd be happy to take care of him, and he can take care of me when I have this baby to even the odds out. Of course I don't need the odds evened, I just felt that would make him feel better to hear since his very pregnant wife would be waiting on him hand and foot. He said okay. Then paused and said 'no.' And said that does not even begin to even the odds out and that he owes me much, much more. It is nice to know he realizes that a woman goes through a lot with labor, delivery, recovery, and then the many months of waking in the middle of the night to nurse. He's a great man... I'll keep him.

Several people have asked me what Brian feels with another girl in the family. Brian is very pleased and is very happy. Upon meeting him at first, I think most people would place him to be more of a man's man and one who should have a house full of boys, not girls. When I met him he was a hunter, rebuilt cars for fun, knew how to build anything and everything (that has come in very handy because he is 'Mr. Fix-it' around here), played and watched sports like football and baseball and skiing, and liked car racing. Since the birth of his first daughter, Maria, I've seen that other side of him emerge. And I love that softer side. I can envision him picking out prom dresses with his girls with pride. At the same time, I can see him teaching them valuable lessons about boys and life. He is a wonderful father, and I know he could have 4 girls or 4 boys be totally happy. After all, he 'knows' having a girl or a boy ultimately is not our decision to make.

Someone at church noticed my belly Sunday and said, "Wow, just like overnight you are pregnant." I do look even larger then before. I guess that is what happens; I just wonder 'how' large I will end up becoming this time around. I can still reach my toes to paint them, but it throws my back out of wack and I limp around the rest of the day. I guess it is time for a pedicure! I'll get a picture of my belly soon so you can all laugh and compare. I saw a girl in the waiting room at the surgery center on Wednesday who was due with her second child about the same I am due with my fourth. I actually did not know she was pregnant for a while. So, then it hit me - that is what I am supposed to look like.

My dog and my son are going to school together. The 2-year-old Golden Retriever is beginning to treat my son as a littermate and not as a person. It is not all that bad, except the fact he is larger and heavier then Alex. The other day a simple game of 'catch me,' resulted in Alex's coat being torn when they both tumbled to the ground. And, more importantly, I have the 3 girls to think of too. So, in 2 weeks the dog/son obedience training classes begin at a local trainer's. I think it will be good for both of them. Alex needs to learn how to play with and treat a younger dog, and Lego needs to learn when Alex says, "stop" he means it. It is not entirely Alex's fault that Lego is taking advantage of him. Alex has only had Sally, our other dog, around him his entire life. Sally is just a much calmer and quieter dog; she is also much older which plays a part too. She knows the boundaries and does not push the limits like Lego is apt to. I'll let you know how the 2 progress in school.

Have a great week!

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