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Week 26 ~ November 9, 2005
~ Hormones, hormones, hormones

Wow, it is week 26 all ready? Where has this pregnancy gone? Now, I know it felt slow when I was nauseous this summer, but to think I am at the tail end of my 2nd trimester is just baffling to me.

Well, my husband is still home recovering. At the follow-up appointment Monday, the surgeon said he is looking well and is moving along just as expected. I think he'll go back to work tomorrow although he is scheduled off work until next Monday. His nose is very sore and that is expected for quite some time. He also has numbness in his upper teeth, lips, and the tip of his nose that will not come back for a few months. Yuck. I can't imagine being numb for that long.

We went kitchen table shopping last night. Our current table for 4 just does not fit our ever-expanding family. We have a dining room set that will seat many, but it is an antique and the more we use it, the more it will fall apart. I guess that defeats the purpose of having a dining room at all, but as it is now we can't even eat snacks at a table together. And I am not eating snacks at the dining room table. We need a sturdy kitchen table that we can eat at, color at, do homework, and do play dough at. And we don't want to spend a fortune. There are a few out there and now we just have to make a decision.

The kids are really enjoying Brian being home. Maria cried on the way to drop Alex off at Kindergarten today because she wanted to stay home with daddy. Last night while I was fixing dinner, he printed off a whole bunch of Care Bear coloring sheets (at Maria's request), and all 4 had family coloring night. They were too cute together. I almost hated to serve dinner and interrupt them. We hung all the finished masterpieces on the refrigerator, even Brian's picture at Maria request. I don't think I've ever hung a picture that my husband colored on the refrigerator before. I guess there is always a first.

To follow up with last night, Brian went out and bought a bunch of coloring books; we have some, but they have seen better days. He also bought his own set of 96 Crayola Crayons with a sharpener and wrote "Paws off daddy's crayons" on the box. He did not really like digging through the huge tote of half eaten, mostly broken crayons the kids use daily. I don't blame him - I don't use them either.

My pregnancy (seeing as how this IS a pregnancy website and I should be talking about it) is going along just fine. I am still feeling kicks all the time from this little girl. I question if she sleeps at night. That might be something we will have to work on once she is born. I think Alex and Maria had their nights and days mixed up too, but after a week they fixed the problem all on their own.

My hormones are raging more then the last pregnancies. At least they seem more raging to me. My husband just 'pleads the 5th' and smiles. Yesterday, I was ready to get rid of our dog. Not because he was bad, but because he was another mouth to feed, body to pick messes up after, and I guess I just felt like sending him to a new home. Who knows where that all came from? I shocked my husband with the announcement that he was going to the Golden Retriever Rescue Society. I even bothered to look up the info to get rid of him. But, my husband saved the dog and put it all into perspective for me; he is our pet and a part of our family. The time to get rid of him would have been to never get him in the first place. We made a commitment to him to be his family and we should fulfill it. He's right. And the fact that I should not make any rash decisions while pregnant plays a part too. That sentence just made me chuckle; last week while we were leaving the hospital they had me sign a form for Brian stating that he would not sign any legal documents for at least 24 hours post surgery. Well, I think during pregnancy, I should sign a document stating 'I am unable to make any decisions for at least all 40 weeks and if I do, just disregard them - I'm pregnant.' I can't even pick out a movie at Blockbuster, let alone make a decision to get rid of or keep a dog. Wow ... hormones, hormones, hormones.

Have a wonderful week!

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