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Week 27 ~ November 16, 2005
~ Time is Ticking

Just ticking away ... the time that is. I've found myself very busy these past few weeks and when Wednesday rolls around to write my journal entry, I almost wonder where the time went.

The nesting urge has still not settled in, but last night in bed I was starting to realize how close I am getting to the end. It seems far away with Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's in the way, but in reality once New Year's is over, the baby could be right around the corner. None of my children were pre-term, but none were late either. Alex came 2 days before his due date, Maria was 7 days before her due date, and Sydney was induced 14 days before her due date. They all came out big and healthy. So, if it is true, and your pregnancies can get shorter (the more you have), this baby could possibly be here in 10 weeks. Yikes! Now that sounds soon. Boy, do I have a lot to get done before then. We are hosting all of the holidays. The house is not ready for normal company, let alone Holiday Company. I think my husband even planned a 'football party' for the guys on New Year's Day. I did warn him that he'd have to be very involved in the cleaning and cooking process for that one.

I am also starting to panic that we haven't even begun to think of a name yet. We had a boy's name in mind and just thought we were set. I don't want to be 'thinking' of names in the hospital. I'm one of those people who would like to have the baby announcements finished, minus the birth date and weight before I get to the hospital. Guess I better start working on names.

The infamous pelvic pain I felt with the two girls is slowly beginning to return. It is then, that I feel REALLY old. I can't even turn over in bed due to the pain. Doing leg lifts, not that I am doing them, is absolutely out of the question. It is as if my legs just don't work properly. I can't lift them up. It wakes me up in a cold sweat if I turn over too quickly. It is hard to describe except it feels like my pelvic bones are cracking. There really is no pressure, just pain that grows more and more intense as time passes. The other day I could feel it gradually working its way back. Darn. And I had hopped it would not return this time. With the last two pregnancies, I was relieved to get an epidural more for that pain relief then the labor pain relief. I guess because I just can't get comfortable with it. I figure by New Year's, I'll be griping about it quite a bit. Right now it is only slight.

My husband is on his second course of antibiotics, new narcotic painkillers (which he hates taking), and steroid pills to try to get rid of what the surgeon called 'normal' post surgical pain. It has been 3 weeks since surgery, which I guess is really not that long, but the pain in his nose is causing headaches and neck aches. He is not really seeing the benefits of the clear breathing yet either. Poor guy. I know he is frustrated. I had knee surgery about 10 years ago and had my leg broken and re-screwed back together and I don't remember being on painkillers this long. Well, I am sure he'll feel better soon. I'm just glad he thought about scheduling this with plenty of recovery time before my due date.

Speaking of due date, Brian was asked by his company to go to California for 2 or 3 weeks to head up a project with the company (we live in Indiana). They wanted him to go January 30 and return sometime in February. He said 'no.' Chances are there will be a baby or almost a baby here by then. I know he was disappointed for the chance at this opportunity, but he did not even bother to ask me before he told the company he could not go. He knew where he had to be during those months. Good man. Down deep I am also glad he did not go, because for some reason those types of trips seem to connect with promotions and transfers. I don't know why, it is just his history. No promotion ever leaves us in one spot either. I am not moving again, and I am most definitely not moving to California. And five moves in five years are also enough for me. He says the same thing too.

Have a wonderful week!

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