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Heather's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28 ~ November 26, 2005
~ Thanksgiving

Whew another week down and how many to go?

I went to the doctor this week for my check-up. He was upset I gained 5 pounds. Usually, I'd be upset too, but I know in the past I've gained more then 5 in 5 weeks, and in the long run, I am still under 20 to date. Plus, I know I was giving in to sweets a little more then I should have this past month. I'm going to have to be careful during the holidays. Everything else was looking and sounding great. I took the Glucose Tolerance test, but have not heard the results as of yet. One thing I did mention to the doctor was the pain in my back. It is beginning to radiate down my left leg. Having worked for a Chiropractor for many years, I knew it was nerve involvement. My OB's solution stop lifting or bending at the waist. Right? I have 3 young kids and ALL of their toys. I don't see how I am going to completely stop, but he said if I don't he'll put me on bedrest. What? Why bedrest? I'm more uncomfortable there. With the threat of bedrest, I must take the doctor at least somewhat seriously. My husband has been a dream and really kicking in with all the lifting and carrying. I am just hoping it is the baby and how she is positioned at the moment. Maybe she'll move and the pain will pass. So, I guess I get to celebrate these holidays without lifting or picking up. Oh yeah, and my appointments are now every 2 weeks! Getting closer!

This journal is a few days late because we've had company in town for Thanksgiving. My parents arrived on Tuesday. It was so nice to have them here. The kids see them at least once or twice a month, but family and holidays just seem to go hand in hand to me. My dad did most of the cooking. It was delicious! My husband was also here for Thanksgiving. This is actually only the second time since we met 15 years ago that he and I have sat down together for Thanksgiving. The men in his family have a tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving and the opening of West Virginia deer hunting season together. So, he has always been gone. He has gone up to the family cabin since he was 12 years old. This year, his nose was still really hurting, it is a 10-hour drive, and I don't know if he'll admit this, but I think he is starting to want to be with us also. I think next year he is going to try to plan the trip to the mountains over the weekend and be home for Thanksgiving.

Since he was home, we set up Christmas yesterday. Tree and all. We have never set it up so soon, because like I said he is never here. But with Advent beginning on Sunday we needed to at least get the wreath and candles ready. Then that started the entire thing. Last year, I organized all the Christmas stuff when I packed it all away. It was so easy to bring down and set up this year. Thank goodness for those 'totes.' We put up an artificial tree for the second time in our marriage also. Things seem to be happening in seconds this week. We bought one last year, because Brian's hours at work were crazy. It was not uncommon for him to work 24 hours straight and then need to sleep most of the weekend only to get up and go back in again. I could not count on him to be home to help and I did not know how I was going to buy a tree, cut it, place it in a stand, and haul it in the house with 3 kids. So, I purchased a pre-lit tree from Lowe's. They put it in the car and 'ta-da' tree and lights. I never knew how easy it could be. All the kids and I had to do was decorate it. It is not too bad. I miss the evergreen smell, but honestly I don't miss the sap, or the needles falling off, or feeding it. We almost considered 2 trees this year, one artificial and one live, but instead we put the kids' tabletop tree in the front room (den) and the large one in the family room. The kids have a tree with kid-like ornaments on it. Actually, our large tree has lots of kid ornaments on it too, but for some reason several years ago, we started a tree just for the kids. They decorate it, you know most of the ornaments in one blob on the bottom and they get to re-decorate it all through the season. Just as long as it does not fall down, they can play with it carefully as they wish. This takes some of the pressure of touching and removing ornaments off the larger tree.

I am writing this journal at after 9 am on Saturday and I am the only one awake in the house. Can you believe it? It is so peaceful and quiet and I feel that I got enough sleep. I need to go get some coffee and enjoy the last few minutes of peace around here. Sydney, my youngest is always up at 7 am, I guess she is also tired from all the company, commotion, and Thanksgiving feast. We hosted 8 adults and 5 kids for dinner. They were all family. My cousin and her 2 daughters live close by. So, she came with her girls, my parents came, my cousin's parents came (which is my dad's sister and brother-in-law), and my cousin's brother. It was a huge yummy feast and we had a wonderful time. We made the dinner, my aunt made desserts. Yum. Yum. Yum. We sat at our new kitchen table that was delivered earlier this week, and set up a kid's table off the kitchen in the family room. That way we could all sit together and yet, the kids felt like they were on their own too. My dining room table did not get used once again. Due to space, my dining room seats 6 better then 8, but the kitchen table opens to seat 8 very comfortably. So, in comfort, we gorged ourselves. Thanks goodness my 'weight in' was not Friday.

That is about all. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. Thanksgiving is one of my favorites, I guess because it is all about food and thanks, not presents and wrapping.

Have a great week!

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