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Week 29 ~ November 30, 2005
~ I Need a Chiropractor

Ok … I am now convinced that by writing this journal, my pregnancy is going faster then usual. I know that has absolutely no basis for reason, but that is how it feels. To think, I could honestly have a baby in 9 weeks. That is assuming she is big and healthy like the others and does not actually wait the entire 40-week baking process. But, at worst, I only have 11 weeks to go. I've never gone over, and with the size of the other babies I don't think any doctor would allow me to go longer then that either. With 29 weeks behind me, 11 doesn't seem too far off. Now, the nesting urge is definitely beginning to kick in as I type. I have many things to do before this baby arrives. I think I'll make a list after I am done writing here.

I haven't yet called a Chiropractor, but I think I am going to have to find one. It is hard not to bend at the waist or pick up a screaming 22 month old who has a totally different agenda than I do. If I did not pick her up, she would lie on the floor playing 'limp noodle' or be running in the opposite direction. I think the hardest thing for me lately is dropping my pre-schooler off at school. Sydney loves going to take Maria and our neighbor's son to school. But, she loves to run into the classrooms, up the stairs, or in the totally opposite direction of where we need to go. I end up holding her in one arm, unzipping coats, hanging up back-packs, signing in the toddlers, picking up papers, and waiting for class to begin all with her squirming and kicking at me. I am convinced if one day I just decided to not hold on to her for dear life, she'd rocket out of my arms and really get hurt. That is how much she resists me holding her when she would rather be doing something else. After holding her and dropping off the kids, my back is done for the day. But, I still have 'pick-up' time to do a few hours later. Then the process begins all over again. Thank goodness I only do it once a week, but I am starting to dread my day to do it. My neighbor does the other day. But, I think I'm going to have to dig out the stroller from here on out. She'll hate it, but I'll be able to be there for Maria better. My back will thank me too.

I've written my Christmas letter. Every year since we've been married I write a Christmas letter to friends and family. I also keep one and save them all in a book. It is funny reading them all. I know some people say that a generic Christmas letter is too impersonal, but there is more thought and work put into a 2 page letter with pictures then just signing your name to a card. I still sign the cards and mail them too. But, somehow I've made it a habit to write my letter right after Thanksgiving. Once it is written and the pictures are chosen, I am very close to mailing. But I do wait until at least December 1st. I think the biggest reason I used to try to get my cards out early is due to the fact I usually had a new address to give out. I am proud to say, that is not the case this year. And I don't see that being the case for a long time, if at all.

But the cards and letter are about the only thing I am early at with Christmas. As far as buying presents, I am usually picking up stocking stuffers and odds and ends on Christmas Eve. So, I guess it is a trade off. Right? When I lived at home, my dad and I made it a tradition for many, many years to shop for my mom on Christmas Eve. We would make an entire day out of shopping, eating lunch, and just being together. I kind of missed that once I got married. For a couple of years, my dad and I would still go out and my mom would go out with Brian. But, we haven't lived in one place long enough to do it for very long. Now, new traditions have been established. The kids are here and my parents always come to our house, no matter where we live. There is baking, eating, and just being together. I can't help but to love that too. Kids make Christmas fun.

Lego and Alex went to dog school yesterday. For the first 2 or 3 classes I am to do all the handling and then I am to give him over to Alex. Since Lego has already had some simple training, he was such a good boy. I saw a side to him I've never seen before. He kept eye contact with me and was ready and willing to do the next task. He received both praise and treat rewards. Being in a house of kids, Lego's reward was cheerios. The other dogs were eating bits of hotdog and milk bones. But, poor Lego ate cheerios. He loved them, so why stop. They worked. Alex was also a good boy. He sat on the sidelines with several other people and just paid attention for the entire hour. I did not even have to look over to see that he was not goofing off or hiding under the chairs or disturbing the other dogs. I mean he should be able to sit there because he is 6 after all. But it is times like that you realize what every one always tells you to be true… they grow up quickly right before your eyes.

This Saturday my church is hosting a baby-sitting/craft time from 9 am -12 pm for the kids. It is a chance for the parents to Christmas shop or just be together. I am really looking forward to the time alone with Brian. Usually we get to spend some time alone or go on a date, but with his surgery and recovery, Thanksgiving and all, we haven't been alone in a long time. I think we will actually Christmas shop and maybe go to a late breakfast together. It will be nice. We had planned on going on a long weekend and leave the kids with my parents before the baby gets here, but we have never put any plans in place yet. Maybe that is something I should begin to think about. Because, like I said in the beginning of this entry, it could be a simple 9 weeks away. Wow.

You all have a wonderful week! Good luck with all your pregnancies. Talk to you next week!

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