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Week 30 ~ December 7, 2005
~ Car Shopping and Christmas Shopping

Wow another quick week. Do you have all your shopping done? Christmas is 18 days away. I am just about done, which is unusual for me. I bought 2 items on ebay this year. That is a Christmas first. They were not huge expensive items, but due to several family members that read my journal, I can't yet tell you what I bought. And really, it was not all that exciting. I did try to buy my husband a The North Face jacket. But a quick trip to the bathroom with under a minute to go, proved to be fatal to my bid. Oh, well. I thought the $38 shipping charge was slightly steep, even if it was coming from China. I did purchase a maternity coat for me though. That will be my first maternity coat. I've made it through all 3 previous pregnancies with just my regular winter coat. And I can't say I was not as pregnant in the winter as I am now because this baby is due on Sydney's exact same due date. So, I think that is telling you something about this belly it is huge. Ebay had a new coat from Old Navy that I bought. I don't really think I got a steal on it, but I did get it for about 50% retail and I did not have to fight the mall traffic with 3 kids. So, all and all, it was a good buy.

Want a Christmas shopping tip? Actually, it is probably not much of a tip to some, but maybe there are a few of you out there that might enjoy what I have to share. My tip is; I buy our kids each 3 gifts for Christmas. That is it. OH! MY! I hear it now. Well, the first reason is the real meaning behind Christmas and that Jesus received 3 gifts from the kings. The second is the more kids we have, the more comparing and counting they are doing. They don't understand that child A's 5 gifts cost just as much as child B's 2 gifts. And maybe that is just something I should tell them to deal with, but I don't. With 3 gifts, my husband and I spend what we want to spend. For instance, Alex got a Leap pad L-Max, but Maria desperately wants an Exercise Care Bear for Christmas. Trust me, she will be just as happy with that Care Bear at $29 as Alex with his $99 L-max (+ $30 game). My husband and I got the chance to really think and decide on 3 things the kids really desire. It really did take the haste out of buying, for us at least. Then Santa buys one or two gifts and does the stockings. And if you are concerned for my children and the empty tree, my parent's always celebrate Christmas morning with us and they also buy '3 gifts' per child which are wrapped and under the tree when the kids wake. So the kids get a loot of toys, keep the real spirit of Christmas in mind, and we all enjoy the day. I can't think of a better 'win-win.'

I have an OB appointment tomorrow. I have graduated to going every 2 weeks now. I don't feel I will have any big changes to report. I did not get a call about my glucose test, so I think everything went well. I was told they would call if I did not pass. Little 'baby no-name' (no, we can't decide on a name yet), is still very active. She has yet to really kick me hard and hurt, but she is always squirming. I think she is noticing she is beginning to run out of room and is starting to just settle in for a while. I am starting to dream and wonder what she looks like. Is she going to come out with hair? Will she have blue eyes like her sisters and brother? Will she look just like them?

I think we are in the market for a car again. My husband's car decided it does not want to work. We have had problems with the car since the day we bought it new. It has had engine work, a transmission replacement, several electrical replacements, and 2 sets of breaks and rotors all under warranty. Since then it has had more breaks, and now it needs more engine work. It is time to cut our losses and start over. But, this brings on the dilemma of the past 3 days. What do we buy? It is a fact, as a soon to be family of 6, we don't fit in any other vehicle with comfort except a van. And Brian does not want another van in the family. I don't blame him. So, with that thought, what do we buy? Do we buy his dream of a truck that can't fit the family? Or settle for something more practical like another car, that won't fit all the kids either? We've been having this talk more times then you would know these past few days. He does not fit all the kids in his current car, and we've managed, so why should we care if a truck can't fit all the kids either? Anyway, we've been pre-approved and we are now shopping. I keep waiting for the stop signs to show up to tell me this is the wrong thing to do, but all I keep getting is open doors. I'll keep you updated on our process, but I have a feeling we are buying a truck.

Oh, I've been using the stroller with Sydney this past week and it is helping my back tremendously. I still have not called the Chiropractor, but I found one. So that is a first step. I need to get my schedule together and just go now. Today was a very good day with very little pain. I'll take it when I can get it. I actually worked on beginning to get Maria's room ready to move Sydney into it. I just haven't moved Sydney yet. She is the very best sleeper I've ever had, and I am so afraid by moving her she'll decide she no longer wants to nap, or won't go to bed when I lay her down at night. I've made all the sleep mistakes with Alex when he was younger; like laying down with him, holding him until he falls asleep, staying in his room until he falls asleep, locking him IN his bedroom (which only prompted him to scream and throw up and then become afraid of any closed door for the next 2 years), and bribing with treats. And today, he is still a challenge to get to bed. In fact, he just popped his head down here and said goodnight - again it is after 10:30 at night. His bedtime is 8:30. Anyway, I just don't want that to happen to Sydney. But, eventually I'll have to put her with Maria so the baby can have the nursery. Such dilemmas.

Have a great week and I'll let you know how the OB appointment went next week.

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