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Week 31 ~ December 15, 2005
~ I tried to bathe the dog again, didn't I learn from last time?

The final countdown has begun. Both for Christmas and this new baby girl. I was sitting in bed last night realizing that Sydney was born at week 38. That is getting really close and what if this little girl comes even earlier. Listen to me 'wishing' an earlier delivery date. I know I said somewhere in this journal earlier that I'd love to wait until February 1st to have a new month, but I am recanting that already. I knew I would.

Oh, I found a nursery set for the baby. I am tired of my Classic Pooh crib set. Not that it is bad, but I've seen it 3 times all ready with the other kids. I just could never justify buying another set, and honestly I still can't except if you are having your fourth baby, you should be entitled to a few new things once again. I was in the market for a girly set this time. I just happened to check out Ebay one day and found a new, with tags Pottery Barn crib set that they are still currently selling. I was shocked. The lady who sold it said she was expecting a girl, but had a boy. Assuming my ultrasound is correct, I bought it for our little girl. Even with shipping I saved about 60% off Pottery Barn's best deal. So, I'm happy.

Lately, my belly is stopping people and I am getting 'cute' comments. Many of them are also asking when I am due. Finally, they are saying back to me, 'not too long too go.' Before I got those looks like 'how are you going to make it until then?' I did break down and buy a maternity coat. The only problem is I have already filled it out. I don't know what I was expecting, but I assumed I'd have some room left. It is comfortable though and very warm.

My OB appointment was the same as all the rest. Belly check, heart beat, and a 'how's everything going.' I'm doing just fine and the baby is measuring large, but steady. I passed my glucose test right in the midline. I was a 95 and the range is 50 to 150, so I was right in the middle. That is good to know. I snuck in a few more pounds and as the holiday approaches, I am thinking I might not make cookies this year out of fear that I will eat all of them. Honestly, I'd love some fudge, all of it, but I know not to make that. Maybe I'll settle for a few Christmas favorites that I don't like. Isn't that bad? If I don't like them, I won't eat them. I am finding I am shopping that same way too.

Christmas cards are coming in and mine are still sitting on my computer desk. I tried all last week to get a good picture of my kids. At this point making an appointment somewhere is worthless. I'd never get the professional pictures back in time. And as to why I did not do that to begin with, I am not too sure. I assure you, I will make an appointment next year. Our family Christmas picture was more of a "Family Circus" comic. It all started when the kids wanted the dogs in the picture. I thought, why not? I can get 3 kids and 2 dogs to pose in front of the Christmas tree by myself. My husband was out of town for a week, that is a whole other story all together. So, I began with the bathing of the dogs. The last bath they got was outside with the hose when it was warm enough. So, I am guessing it has really been a while. The only way I could figure out how to do it was to get in shower with the dog. Standing on the outside made me just as wet, but also got the floor wet. So, I hopped in. He was fine, I bathed him and he stood there. I even conditioned his coat. I don't know if you are supposed to, but it was there so I did it. I can never go through the same size bottles of conditioner as I do of shampoo. My shower ends up being 4 bottles of partially used conditioner and a quarter of a bottle of shampoo. Oh well, I digress. So, my son walked into the bathroom with our other dog thinking I was ready for her. While the showerhead is spraying on Lego, he notices Alex and leaps out of the shower, shaking and running all over the house. His long Golden Retriever hair was just dripping wet with water. He proceeded to shake, rub his body on my floors and run. Quickly as I could, I jumped out of the shower after him, but I am at a disadvantage these days and quick and me are not good friends right now. By the time I got to him with a towel, he had pretty much shaken all the water off - all over the house. Everything in my house was wet and it all smelled like wet dog. I think I'm going to have to hire out the next bath with him. I always seem to have an event filled bathing experience.

Christmas photoSo, after all that I honestly opted not to take a picture with the dogs. I don't know why because they were clean, but I just pictured the tree falling down or something. Then the posing session with all 3 kids began. I must have taken 20 pictures. Not one turned out with all 3 looking and smiling at me. If I had Sydney smiling, Alex was doing 'bunny ears' on one of the girls. If I had Alex smiling, Maria was wondering off to get another Care Bear to pose with. If Maria was smiling, Syd was looking elsewhere. By the time I was done, I was yelling, the kids were screaming, and it was not that 'magical' Christmas moment any of us imagined. That is when I knew it was better to walk away and pick one from the 20 I had taken. For the Christmas card, I decided on the one photo that the kids looked the best in, and Sydney has a Care Bear in her mouth, if that gives you any idea of my 19 other choices. Oh well, like I said next year we'll hire a professional for the four. Maybe we'll even try for a family photo. I seem to always like a challenge.

snowy truckWe did end up trading in Brian's car for a truck last Thursday. It seems to be a good decision and he loves it. We took it out last Saturday for a date night and I have to admit, for a truck it was pretty fun. It came in the nick of time too. After picking it up from the dealer, all buffed and spotless, within an hour it was covered in snow and the 4 wheel drive was on. Indiana ended up with 7 inches of snow when it was all finished and it took Brian 3 hours to drive his usual 30 minutes home. The kids had a snow day from school on Friday and they got to play in the snow, after we found Maria's boot that was carried out the back door by Lego (Golden Retriever) prior to the snowstorm. After 2 searches, Alex came up with it the next morning. We dried it in the dryer quickly and she was set to play.

Enjoy the rest of the week. I'll going to work on getting my Christmas cards out before Christmas and finish up a few odds and ends of shopping today. I have another OB appointment next Wednesday.

Have a great week!

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