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Week 32 ~ December 21, 2005
~ Flattop?

My belly is HUGE. It really is. The other day it ached all day long. It was that type of ache you get if you do too many sit-ups. I wonder if she was making room for herself and pushing on me? You never know. But, when I went to put on my pajamas at night, ones I seem to favor because they fit over my pregnant belly, they were tight. Yikes! They were not tight last week. Has my belly grown that much in one week? I asked my husband and he just said, 'yes, your belly is really big.' Big as in what? A Mac Truck? Big for me? That is when he gently bowed out and did not want to continue the conversation focused on his emotional and hormonal wife. He knows from experience, he will not win no matter what he says.

Saturday was a bad day for me emotionally. I woke up crying for some reason. I think I was tired of the belly, tired of the backache, and just tired. I did not see the end of the road coming fast enough. It also happened to be the same day my husband went Christmas shopping for me. He shopped for 6 hours. He also went to the grocery for the family too. His new truck is coming in very handy. He can hall those huge bags of water softener salt, the 40-pound bags of dog food, and our 5 gallons of milk. All things I hate to buy. Anyway, the next day he got a call from our bank. They noticed a lot of unusual activity on his bankcard, and wanted to check to see if he was the one doing all the spending. He was! It was all that shopping he did for me. It really was not the amount of money he spent, so he claims, it was the amount of times he used it. I guess he went to 7 or so different stores to make purchases. I told you about the 'rule of 3' we have for my kids. They each get 3 presents, and then Santa gets them presents and stocking stuffers. Well, he blew that one out of the water for me. He said to me smiling that his crying pregnant wife gets and deserves more. I don't know about that, but I do know he feels absolutely hopeless at this time. He is used to making everything better for all of us. You can kiss a cut, hug a bump, wipe a tear away, but you can't get rid of the pains of pregnancy. Pregnancy is something both of you desire with all your heart, but it does not come without pains and feelings of helplessness, especially as it nears the end. As he watches me slow down, lose the ability to do things, hobble around, and sometimes cry - his heart sinks. He knows he can't help it go away and he feels helpless. So this year my husband went shopping. I am sure it helped him feel as if he was doing something he thought I would really like. And I do appreciate it all, but most of all I appreciate that he 'feels' for me and is always there when I need him.

Sunday night Alexander announced to all of us that he wanted a flat top haircut. He has never cared what his hair looked like before, he'd even walk out the door with 'bed head' if I let him. But apparently this is something he has been considering for quite some time now. My husband has jokingly teased him about getting a flat top like daddy some day, but never did he think Alex would go through with it. So, when we woke Monday he was still determined he wanted to get the haircut. He needed a haircut anyway, so I took him to my husband's barber. I thought if there was anyone qualified to cut a flat top it would be the man who cuts my husband's hair every 2 weeks because my husband is picky about his flat top. He will go from barber to barber to find the right person. Anyway, Alex sat down in the chair and announced in that same 'matter of fact' way to the barber that he wanted a flat top. Kurt, the barber, looked at me and I said cut it like his dad's or he won't be satisfied. Alex's hair is short to begin with, but to see 3-inch chunks of hair falling to the ground I was a bit terrified. After all, he is 6, the bad cut will still reflect on my poor decision. I feared he'd look like one of those kids who got into the succors and the only haircut they could have was to shave their head. A cue ball. Yikes! As the barber stepped away from in front of Alex, I was very pleasantly surprised.

Alex's flattopTurns out, I think Alex looks very cute with the new style. The best part was Alex's impression. He loves it and at school everyone pet his head. When daddy got home, Alex made sure to ask him many important questions like, 'what happens if my hair falls down, can I pet it and still make it stand up, and when can I get it cut again?' I did make sure to get plenty of pictures of daddy and son. We also have the Christmas photos to take too. So, even if he never does this again, it will be well documented that it was done at least once. Although, he has already said he would be going back in 10 days to get his haircut into a flattop again. I don't know why 10 days, but he knows daddy goes every 2 weeks. Maybe that is what he means.

Well, you all have a wonderful holiday! My husband is on vacation so we are having lots of fun playing and celebrating with family coming in town.

Merry Christmas!

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