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Week 33 ~ December 27, 2005
~ The Nesting Has Begun

Nesting nesting and more nesting. The best part is my husband is nesting too! This is one of the many paternal pregnancy signs he has followed me with. It started with morning sickness, then he is managing to keep up with me in weight gain, his back has been hurting the past few weeks, his hands and feet are swelling, and now he is nesting. Hope for his sake he doesn't get labor pains too. Anyway, he was on vacation all last week and I can't even tell you all the things he tackled in the house because it would take my entire journal. It was so wonderful. But, I will name a few. First, he started with the garage. We have a 2-car garage, but until recently it only fit one car. And even then you could hit things when you opened the doors. So, he was willing and able to tackle it. I pointed, and he did the grunt work by hauling all the 'stuff' we had piled. Some went to the trash, some went to Goodwill, and some went into the attic. Then since we were bringing things into the attic, he organized the attic. Again, some went to the trash, some went to Goodwill, and others stayed. Then we were stuck with the lawn mower and a chair we have not gotten rid of. So, in order to make room for the second car, the out building needed a new roof in order to house the lawn mower and the chair we don't know what to do with. So, he built and shingled a new roof for the building, all on a 15-degree day. Apparently that was still not enough, so he decided since we were traveling briefly to visit his mom for Christmas, he'd detail my car. Now mind you, he is one of those highly anal-retentive people. Somehow we still get along fabulously though. So, in order to clean my van, he removed all the seats! What? I've never done that. He vacuumed, cleaned all the windows, cleaned the outside, and detailed the dash and interior. The car looks like I just bought it. I really should have had a before and after picture to share with you all, but trust me it is an amazing difference. Then in the middle of all of this, my washer decided it also needed some TLC and it backed up and flooded the laundry room. Unfortunately, I did not notice it until the water made it's way into my kitchen. He came home from a Home Depot run and fixed the problem and cleaned the mess.

Then it was my turn to nest. The TOYS. They needed an overhaul. With Christmas around the corner, I only knew it was bound to get worse if I did not do something fast. And organizing toys is not something you can do when the kids are around or awake in my case. So, I stayed up until 1 AM one night getting all the little parts and pieces back into their proper totes. I told you I have a very organized toy system, at least it makes sense to me. But, it requires me to get after the toys every once in a while too. I can't just trust that everything is being put away in the right place all the time. It has been a very long time since I've done that. So, the toys are again organized, the kids are happier, and I am thrilled. I then organized and cleaned all 3 kids' rooms, finishing my son's last. His was the worst. He plays with the smallest parts and pieces and stashes them everywhere. But, after filling up the huge trash containers 2 weeks in a row, we are finally done organizing. It feels good. The only thing left is my closet and it is not really bothering me. I just though I'd finish getting my Goodwill stuff out by the end of the year.

I think I have decided how to fit the 4 kids into 3 rooms. I keep telling you I want to combine Sydney and Maria, but as of yet I have not done that. Why? I keep hesitating because Sydney is such a wonderful sleeper. She never cries, she always goes down for nap and bed, and if she is not tired she just plays quietly until she is tired. Easy. Easy. I could not ask for better. But, I don't have it that easy with the others. Maria is not bad, but she goes to bed completely different than Sydney. She needs light and classical music, and the door open. Sydney needs the door closed and the lights off. She also is still in a crib. The most climbing and adventurous of all my kids, and she is still in a crib. But, she likes it. So, I figure, why change it? Or why break what is not broken? So, I borrowed a crib from my cousin for the new baby and I am putting the baby in Maria's room with her. That will leave Sydney in the nursery until she is ready to come out and join rooms with Maria. As far as I am concerned, she can take as long as she likes. The baby won't care. Until then, the baby will keep Maria happy because she has been waiting for her sister to move into her room, and the baby will learn to go to bed without absolute quiet and darkness. In addition, Maria and Alex always have sleepovers in each other's rooms too, so if Maria wants she can also go into his room (he has bunk beds). So, as of now I think that will be the best plan for all of us. It will keep the most peace and it won't force Sydney to do something she is not ready for which could cause more sleeping problems and such.

Christmas ... I don't want to drag this journal entry out too long, but I have to mention Christmas quickly. It was WONDERFUL! We had so much fun. BUT, we woke way too early Christmas morning. It was a good thing we went to church on Christmas Eve, because I don't think we got out of our pajamas on Christmas day. Don't get me wrong, we showered, but put back on pajamas. It was great though. The way every pregnant mom wants to spend Christmas; playing, napping, eating, and being lazy with the kids. So how early did we wake? My son, who was too excited for Santa to arrive, woke the entire house at 3:30 AM. Brian and I had just gone to bed at 2 AM because of all the 'nesting' things we had done, wrapping presents was not one of them. Lesson learned. We will wrap before Christmas Eve next year. Anyway, we begged Alex to fall back asleep, but there was no convincing him. My parents, who always celebrate with us, were in town. So, Alex woke my dad and he went down the stairs to protect the packages from Alex. Alex did end up opening one present in his stocking, and by 5:30 the only remaining soul who was asleep was Sydney. We decided to wake her and just let everyone be tired and take turns sneaking in naps. The dogs did not even stir. They woke only long enough to go find a spot among the paper and boxes near the tree and then they went right back to bed never to flinch or open an eye until much later.

I had an OB appointment this morning. I asked the doctor if the baby could please come tomorrow. I'm tired of my huge belly. He chuckled, and of course said no, but everything looks perfect; weight, blood pressure, measurements, and heartbeat. I guess I can wait a little bit longer.

Emotionally, I feel really good this week. I think it was a little of the nesting urge that was tugging on me to begin something and my back that was bothering me last week. With lots of things accomplished and my house more in order, I feel like I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I figure I'll be ready for baby in about 2-3 weeks. Really, I don't have that much left to do, but I figure I'll think of something. It all seems to kick in and hit in those last weeks. Today, I bought a crib mattress, a car seat, and odds and ends like soap and lotion. I still need to dig out some of the 0-3 month girl's clothes I still have on hand, wash them, and find out what I need to buy new. My husband always picks out the coming home outfit. So, I look forward to shopping with him too.

Have a wonderful week! Talk to you after the New Year!

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