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Week 34 ~ January 6, 2006
~ Baby 'No Name' still

The nesting is going quite smoothly. I think I am actually running out of things to do. I finished my closet and have all the clutter moved out of the house either to Goodwill or the trash. I found all the 0-3 month clothes. I ended up keeping more then I thought, and think I have enough for now until she arrives. Lately, I've been focused on a name. We still can't come up with a name for this little girl. With all the other kids, the name just hit us. Like 'wow' that is it! Not one name is doing that this time around. I think we either know someone with the name, another child with the name, or unfortunately a 'well named' dog with the name. Don't you love that? Emily, the dog. Uggh. Emily is such a great name, but I can't name her after the neighbor's dog. Oh, well. I told my husband we are going to have to settle on one soon. It is starting to keep me up at night. It might not be that 'wow' experience, but we will find the name that fits us. I also have to take it into consideration the other kids' names. You know, when you sign a card, all the names must sound good together. You don't want to write; Alex, Maria, Sydney, and Scholastica on all the Christmas cards. I think it kind of needs to 'fit.' Who knows? Maybe I'm just crazy right now and not thinking with a full deck at this point.

Baby is moving and grooving all the time lately. She loves to wiggle when I snuggle with my husband at night. But, she has given me stretch marks right across my waistline. I don't know how I've managed to avoid stretch marks across my belly before with the other 3, but I have. I have a few here and there, but none that would cause me to avoid a bathing suit. I am really hoping they just 'disappear,' but I know better. I would not trade one stretch mark for my babies though. I had my chances at 2 piece bathing suits, now I am a mom.

People are commenting on me looking like I am carrying twins once again. I think they are fascinated with having the mom of 3 carrying twins. I did know of someone who had that happen to them. They wanted a little girl because they had 3 boys, and instead of one they got 2 and are now the proud parents of 5 kids. Back then, it sounded like such a huge family. I remember questioning, how did they do it? And what kind of a car do they drive to fit all the car seats in? Well, I guess I am getting close to them by having 4. I don't seem to have those same questions anymore. Anyway, I think the twins comment is emerging once again because of how I am carrying this baby. She is really sticking out there much more then the other 3. The only person who said I definitely don't look like I am carrying twins is my father-in-law, whose wife carried twins. Brian's brother and sister are twins. My father-in-law laughed at those comments and said my mother-in-law's belly put mine to shame. Meaning she was much, much larger then me. But, in her defense, she delivered two 8-pound babies! Yikes!

Along with the stretch marks and the twin comments, I am getting a lot of swelling. Not the dangerous swelling, but the bothersome swelling. My ankles are barely visible anymore. And I only have 2 pair of shoes and a pair of slippers that fit comfortably. I sure am not headed to the shoe store anytime soon for a new pair. I am going to deal with what I have and losse this swelling first. My hands are also swelling, but only when I am hot. Which happens to be a lot lately. But my wedding rings are stuck and my loose fitting watch is not so loose anymore. This is yet another side effect of pregnancy I did not seem to be plagued with until this time around either.

On the good side, I am in less pain then with my 3rd baby. I am not sure why that is, but even my mom made that comment to me. Trust me, I am in pain, but not the horrible pelvic pain like I had with Sydney. I know that I can actually be in worse shape then I am in now. It might be still to come, but I am not sleeping all night in a chair for the past 3 months like when I was pregnant with her. I do feel the pelvic pain, but only when I roll over in bed. And once I do roll over it goes away immediately. With Sydney I could not lay down without the pain. I could not walk without the pain. So, that is good.

I have to tell you a quick story about my kids. Last week I wrote that we went shopping for the baby. Anyway, I bought a pack of newborn diapers. Oh, by the way, many of you won't need to buy too many packs of those. I never seem to even make it through one pack. Although the baby comes out small, in my experience, they grow out of the newborn size in a week or so. So buy them, but keep your receipts and be ready move onto to the 1-2 size. They'll be in them before you can even blink an eye. And the newborn runny poop (sorry, but it is the truth in the beginning) needs the larger size or it will go out the back of the diaper and all over the outfit, car seat, crib, or person who is mistakenly holding the baby at the time of the attack. So, that is my little bit of diaper advice. As for brands, I used Pampers with the girls and Huggies with my son. I don't know why Pampers did not work with him back then (6 years ago), but they always leaked and the Huggies didn't. And for some reason Huggies leaked with Maria so I switched to Pampers. As for Sydney, I just stayed the course and used what worked with Maria. I know both brands have many new designs to avoid leaking now too. But, back to my story, the kids wanted to see a diaper that the baby will fit in. So, I opened the pack and handed Alex and Maria each a diaper. They 'ooos' and 'ahhs' from their mouths, and the amazed looks from their eyes were priceless. They could not believe how tiny the diapers were. Alex's hand is actually bigger then the diaper. We ended up diapering several stuffed animals that day. I handed out at least one diaper to each of them for their favorite stuffed animal. It was cute. So, open the pack. It is worth the look-see before the baby comes. You'll enjoy your own reaction too.

Have a wonderful week! Next week I have another OB appointment. It is getting closer!

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