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Week 35 ~ January 12, 2006
~ Still here

Still pregnant. Not that at 35 weeks I expected to not be pregnant, but I noticed the 2 women before me on the website are now getting ready to write their birth stories. Good for them. They are all ready on the other side. I wish I was there all ready too. But, for the baby's sake, I hope she stays at least until week 37. After that, I'll be jumping around the house and lifting heavy things.

My OB appointment was today. I've moved to weekly appointments now. Yeah. That means we are getting closer. I had a strep test, belly check, and heartbeat. All was fine. Since the doctor was all ready down there I asked him to check my cervix, hoping he'd tell me 'any day now.' But, no such luck. My cervix is closed tight. So, I guess I have a little more to go yet. He and I talked about how Sydney was induced at 38 weeks and came out 8 pounds 11 ounces. He asked my opinion if I thought Sydney was bigger or smaller then this baby. I really don't know. I know my belly is much bigger, but I don't have the pelvic pain I had with Sydney, so I assume I am carrying her much differently. I think maybe they are the same size? He said he would induce me at 38 if I wanted. We'll see. I really, really want to go natural, but I'll see how I feel by that time. I think I'll wait, for now.

Sydney's 2nd birthday party is this weekend. I planned it a week early due to the fact I thought I would not be up to it on her real birthday. We'll still celebrate with cake on the 23rd, but we won't have the entire party routine. This baby has the same due date as Sydney. Like I said I was induced with Sydney at 38 weeks, so I really don't want the two girls to have the same birthday, unless it is not planned. Anyway, we are planning and preparing for her party. The only down side is her birthday is very hard to shop for since it is right after Christmas. And also the fact she is the second girl and third child in line. I think we have just about every toy she could ever need. I don't want to deprive the girl of a party, but her birthdays (and I am only on the second one) are a challenge. My mom said 'thanks' for doing it again too ... for having another after Christmas girl baby. At least Sydney won't be in it alone. As for what I am getting her, I still don't know. Next year I must remember to plan ahead. I want to try to think Christmas and birthday at the same time and maybe I'll be set. But, of course I'll buy it after Christmas to get the great sales.

I already inquired about joining Weight Watchers after the baby. I figure I'll wait about 2-3 weeks and then begin going. I hope to have all this shed by Christmas. But, if it takes longer, that is fine too. I never had a weight problem until after Maria was born and since then I've failed at everything I've tried. I think due to my lack of knowing how to diet and my will power to stay on any kind of a diet. So, I am joining the meetings to be 'accountable' for what I eat. I hope that is the key to my success. My neighbor friend already joined, so we can give each other encouragement. My parents visited a nutritionist yesterday and they are turning a new leaf too. So, I'll have all these shrinking people around me to keep me inspired.

Glitter. It is evil. Don't buy it for your children unless you want a huge mess. Now, mind you, I did not plan on having my kids play with glitter alone, I just did not know they found it. Today we finished up some homemade thank you cards with paint and markers. After the kids finished I went in the other room to address the envelopes they made. I was gone 5 minutes max. In that short amount of time, my loving children quietly found all 6 containers of glitter high on a shelf and made a huge mess. My house looked like Santa's wonderland, all sparkly and such. Even the dog was decorated with at least one container. He was beautiful. Needless to say, they also put it in their hair, on the table, the floor, the kitchen, the living room, the chairs, the couch, the bathroom. I think Sydney thought it was pretty sand. You could see where she was using her finger drawing pictures on the table with it. But with that slight setback in our morning, somehow we all showered, we got the mess cleaned up, made it to school, and I made the OB appointment with time to spare. But I think it will be weeks until all the glitter is really gone from my home. What remained in the containers is now in the trash. And I won't be planning any glitter projects anytime again.

Have a wonderful week!

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