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Week 36 ~ January 19, 2006
~ Dilating, but no labor

Happy Birthday SydneySydney's birthday party was very sweet. She did open a few presents, and had lots of help from her friends and cousins. She loved the cake and I think she understood it was truly 'her' day. This upcoming Monday, her real birthday, Alex and Maria are going to make her a cake and decorate it however they like. I think some plastic dinosaurs might be involved? There might be a Care Bear or 2 on it too. No matter what, I know Sydney will be very happy to have more cake.

As I approach the end, I have to confess that the way I began writing my journals was in a 'delay' format. It became difficult to talk every week about a pregnancy that was moving along with not much to report and only monthly doctors visit to report on. It was also easier for me to write what happened in the past week vs. what is happening in the current week. So, when I start to mention weekly visits and dilating, I don't want you to think anything is premature. It is actually right on track, especially for consecutive pregnancies. I will now catch you all up to 'current time.' Although I am writing my 36th week journal I had my 37th week doctor's visit today. And I actually turn 38 weeks on Sunday (1/22). Hopefully, that will help elevate any confusion as I now report weekly on my progress.

So, my doctor's visit today was not as event filled as I had hopped. I have gone from a completely closed cervix last week to a 1-2 cm open cervix today. To me that is good news. I am not ever one of those lucky people who dilate a lot prior to going into real labor. In fact I don't think I have ever dilated more then 1-2 cm when I go into labor. But, the doctor said her head is still a little high and he does not expect me to be ready this week. Oh, well. That is probably why I don't have that extreme pubic bone pain I had with Sydney at this point. I am also the one who said I don't want 2 babies born on the same day. So maybe that will give the girls a week or so between birthdays. But, if she drops, I'll bet I'll be in labor almost immediately. It is a waiting game now.

The doctor did ask me to 'look' at the calendar by next week's appointment though. He is thinking what my previous doctor was thinking. This little girl is not going to be very little. Next week I'll be 38 1/2 weeks at my appointment and I think he might want me to schedule an induction at that point. Right now, I still want to wait. But, next week I might want to go straight to the hospital. It only takes a little bit of her shifting her weight or dropping and she will probably be right on that pubic bone and causing extreme pain once again.

I should not have been surprised that the doctor said I was not ready for labor. I really have not had any signs that she is coming soon. My mom said I act as if I have a month or so to go still. I don't know about that, but I do I feel 100% better then I did with Sydney at this point. I am also still up and around, grocery shopping, going on a date with my husband, going to soccer practice with Alex, attending my church meetings, and bringing the kids to school. I also have not had any 'show' or mucus plug signs either. I did have those signs with the others. So, what are a few more weeks, right? Ask me in a few more days.

We are not yet settled on a name, but I think we are beginning to get there. Don't worry, I will definitely let you all know what we name her, but it is still so up in the air right now. My husband said he wants to 'see' her first. I understand, many people do, but we've never done that before. I usually go into the hospital with the announcements almost completed. All I have to fill in is the date, weight, and length. To date, I have not even purchased any announcements. I've seen a few I liked, but not done anything about them yet. Maybe I still have a little nesting left in me. And maybe that little bit of nesting will trigger the dropping I need to go into natural labor. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Have a wonderful week!

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