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Week 38
~ The Final Days - Part 1???

I am going to do something different this time around. Instead of compiling a week's worth of information into my brain to then type once per week, I am going to truly use a daily journal format up until the end. That way you can see what was happening every day in my pregnancy. I'm not sure when that end will be or how it will end as of now. I still want to go into labor naturally, but the doctor would like to possibly induce me this week if I am ready. So this way I can record what is happening in the pregnancy and how I am feeling at that moment. I am afraid after it is all over, I'll be too caught up in the baby and telling you all about the birth story that I might forget to explain the days up to the birth which I feel are important. So, I hope you enjoy what should be my last or second to last journal entry 'pregnant.'

January 27, 2006:
To keep you current, yesterday was the menstrual cramping and my doctor's appointment that I reported on in last week's journal entry. I am still in shock that nothing has transpired, but I guess every labor can and will be different. I was curious, so I went online and researched some methods of self-inducing labor. I've heard about spicy hot wings, eggplant Parmesan, and Mexican food. I was just wondering what else was out there. There is actually a lot. And most of it is truly scary and I question the risks vs. getting labor started. Castor Oil seemed to be the most common one I found. But, it causes you extreme diarrhea for hours. It is this horrid diarrhea attack that starts labor, they say. Yuck. Trust me, labor is hard enough; don't compound it with hours of diarrhea too. But, I am okay with trying the 'food' things. So, my cousin happened to call this morning. She mentioned Don Pablo's Salsa for starting labor. She said there was even an article about it in the Indianapolis Star Newspaper and all the women who went into labor after eating it. Hummm? I can handle that. I love Mexican food. That is not too 'risky' for me. It is just food I would eat anyway. So, this afternoon I headed to Don Pablo's for a take out order of chips and salsa. I picked up enough salsa and chips for an army to feast on and I have eaten as much as I could more then I probably should have. If this doesn't work, trust me it won't be due to not eating enough.

January 28, 2006:
Nope. The salsa did not work. It was yummy though. So I filled up and enjoyed it. It could have been the salsa or just a coincidence, but I did get some stronger contractions and even several in an hour, but nothing would pull together and keep going. All I would have to do is get up and walk around and they would completely stop. A good sign they were not 'for real.' Tomorrow I will be 39 weeks. So for now I am going to walk the kids to the park and try to walk as much as I can today. They say walking works, so I am going to try it. My kids will have fun too.

January 29, 2006
Still nothing. The walk was fun and the kids enjoyed the park a lot. It was one of those unusually warm days and we spent most of it outside. Well, I am 39 weeks today. At 39 weeks I went into labor naturally with Maria. In fact, at the time I am writing this, she was all ready born. So far, I have no signs that it is fast approaching today. For some reason my braxton hicks contractions have lessened, the menstrual cramping has not returned, and I still have no 'show.' I feel like I am going backwards right now. Tomorrow I return to the doctor in the afternoon to see what he says. He has scheduled an induction for Tuesday depending on how ready my cervix is. I think I will go for the induction. The euphoria of going into natural labor is beginning to fade quickly.

January 30, 2006
This day has not exactly gone as I expected. I woke with a cold. My throat is very sore. My body aches, and I wish I could go right back upstairs to bed. At the doctor's appointment today, he said I am still not ready so he cancelled the induction set for tomorrow. He asked me to reschedule for next Monday with a possible induction the following Tuesday. You know, I'll be 40 weeks and 2 days if I make it to the induction. I think you all know I definitely did not expect to make it to February, let alone past my due date. I know people go over 40 weeks all the time, but I thought with all my previous pregnancies under 40 weeks (but full term) and being my 4th child, I would go much earlier. I think most other people did too. Maybe this cold is holding things up too because I sure know it would be difficult to labor feeling this crummy.

January 31, 2006
I am still sick. I've had tons of orange juice, taken some Vitamin C, and tried to rest, but I feel worse. Hopefully, this will be the worst of it and I will begin to feel better tomorrow. Maybe this is why things have not begun to happen yet and maybe this is why I felt like I was going backwards this past weekend? My plans are to lay low today, or at least as low as the kids will allow until my husband can relieve me after he is done working. I'm okay with the induction being pushed back. I definitely could not imagine being in labor right now with the way I feel. On another note, I think we've settled on a name, Isabella Grace. We've tossed it back and forth for a while now and last night we made a decision. I'm going back to rest while I watch the kids destroy my neatly nested house.

February 1, 2006
I am feeling a little better. Yesterday was the worse. I did have some Braxton Hicks contractions when I was falling asleep last night and the baby was very active. Nothing new to report on the 'getting ready for birth' front, but I feel confident once this sore throat clears, things might begin to change. Tomorrow I would have gone into natural labor with my first, Alex. We'll see if anything happens then.

Have a wonderful week! Much to my surprise, I will be writing a Part 2 to "The Final Day's" journal entry. As long as my induction goes as planned or labor starts naturally before then, Part 2 will be my final journal entry pregnant.

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