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Week 39 ~ February 6, 2006
~ The Final Days Part 2 ~ The End of My Pregnancy

I started a daily journal with all of you last week thinking I would not really end up doing 2 parts to this journal entry. But, last week my induction was cancelled due to my cervix still not being ready. It could have been a cold that I caught that set me back, or truly a stubborn 4th child who wants to come on her own time. Whatever the case, I am still pregnant. My doctor has rescheduled another induction for 2/7, in which I will be 40 weeks and 2 days. So, continuing on with the end of my pregnancy story . . .

February 2, 2006
Happy Groundhog Day! As of this evening, this little girl will have passed the natural labors of all my other kids. I haven't had many contractions, but I am increasingly getting more uncomfortable as she drops more into my pelvis. She has dropped even more overnight. I also feel a lot of pressure or heaviness down low. I have a true 'any day' pregnancy waddle when I walk. As far as my cold, I'm feeling better, but I'm not 100%. My throat is just slightly sore and I feel I lack energy. That might not be the cold though. But at least the body aches are long gone. My mom said tomorrow would work out just perfectly for labor to begin as far as my parents coming into town and such. So, I'll think 'positive' and tell this little one tomorrow is the day. Think she'll listen? Today, I have a house to get back into order once again. I feel as if I've lived in this 'nested' state for over 3 weeks now. That food list I printed out over a week ago has now all been eaten and I need to grocery shop once again. Yesterday, I wore the outfit I packed in my hospital bag, and my laundry has piled up all around me. Mommies can't get sick. I guess I have my work cut out for me today. I think I am actually looking forward to a few days in the hospital. I'm not used to living in such a state of 'what if' for so long. It is exhausting. And honestly, it is completely self-imposed. There is not one person coming into my house to help out while I am away that does not know how everything works and where is all goes. My husband will also be in and out of here too. I guess I just wanted everything 'perfect' when I left.

February 3, 2006
This baby is definitely low. There is a huge space between my breasts and where she used to sit, but she is still not here. The pressure and heaviness in my pelvis is getting very uncomfortable. If I did not know better, I'd think she would just fall out on the floor. Yesterday, I caught most of the laundry back up and I need to re-pack my bag once again tonight. But it is ready and sitting out. Tonight the kids and I are going to meet my husband out for dinner. I'm thinking some hot wings might be a good choice for this evening. I honestly like them, and they are supposed to be more gentle then Castor Oil, so I am thinking "why not." Wings and a power walk around the mall would probably get things moving along tonight. I'll let you know how it works.

February 4, 2006
The wings tasted great, but we did not walk. It got too late. I don't know how she is still hanging in there. I honestly have never had a baby so low for so long. Guess she is content in there. I'm not, but she is. I have been getting contractions, but with no pattern at all. They are different then braxton hicks. I guess the way I can describe them is I feel them down low, then up top, then they spread from my back to my hips and slightly down the front of my legs. They are not too intense, but I prefer to wait to move around until they pass. And the occasional 'jump on mommy' really does not feel good. I ate wings again tonight. Boy, I am going to have a strict eating change once this baby comes to get all these wings off my hips and butt.

February 5, 2006
My official DUE DATE! Here I am, for the very first time in all my pregnancies. I can actually say I've been pregnant for 40 weeks now. I did hear a refreshing story that helps somewhat. A man and his wife have 5 kids. Their first 4 children came 2 weeks early, naturally. The final one came 1 week late. He said his wife 'felt' overdue by 3 weeks, even though by the due date she wasn't. Seeing as how she was planning on this baby to be at least 2 weeks early like the others, she was prepared and ready way before the baby actually arrived. That is exactly how I feel. I've been ready for this baby to come at any minute since I hosted my daughter's birthday party on January 14th. If I had any clue that I was going to make my due date, I would have planned much differently. Then 2 weeks ago I had all that pre-labor and menstrual cramping. That really made me feel things would happen any time. Finally, to compound it all, I relied on the 'wives tales' a little too hard and thought every time I ate the Don Pablo's salsa or hot wings I'd go into immediate labor. Too many times of 'what if' and 'is this it' or 'will this work' in the past 3 weeks. All of that combined has made this the longest 3 weeks ever. But as of today, and this feeling only hit today, I am ready to wait until the Tuesday induction. I feel it is all planned out now and I might as well take this extra time to really get ready. My mom is coming in town tomorrow. My kids can have a 'date' to keep in their minds. And I am willing to relax and enjoy these last few days. This is truly the very end and before I know it, she'll be here.

February 6, 2006
I actually had some contractions trying to form a pattern last night! It would have been a fitting end to my story if anything transpired since I finally was 'okay' with the induction happening. But they were short lived. The contractions started around 7 PM or so at about 30 minutes apart. Quickly they got down to every 10-15 minutes, but it was then that they stalled. They continued to happen every 15 minutes or so until about 3 AM. That was it. They never drew closer together and the intensity did not get any stronger. Minus the intensity not increasing, it reminded me of Alex's labor. I felt like I had 10-minute contractions for days with him, but with him they were so strong I could not sleep. Maria, on the other hand, I went from nothing to every 5 minutes apart.

I just got back from the doctor. The induction is officially planned for tomorrow morning. Yeah! He said I have almost completely effaced, but I am still only 1-2 cm dilated. So, all those contractions last night probably paid off. He also said it should be an easy induction, as my body is really ready for labor.

Good luck to all of you and I'll write to you soon in "Isabella's Birth Story." Thank you also for reading. It has been a complete pleasure and absolute joy to share my pregnancy journey with all of you.

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