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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Julie and family
StorkNet is very pleased to bring you Julie's pregnancy journal.

Julie and Evan are the proud parents of Logan, born in July 2002. They have conceived again, and early in her pregnancy, Julie had an emergency appendectomy. All went well and she delivered a healthy son at home on January 30, 2004 at 38 1/2 weeks.

Please join Julie as she takes us week by week through her pregnancy as she counts down to her planned homebirth.

Julie's Journal Entries

Meet Julie

Week 20
Making Peace

Week 21
Total Chaos

Week 22
Pride and Potholes

Week 23
Emotions Runneth Amuck

Week 24

Week 25
Quiet Days and Belly Rubs

Week 26
Unconditional Understanding

Week 27
The Haunting "To Do's"

Week 28
Into the Third Trimester!

Week 29
Grateful for Our Blessings

Week 30
Ready or Not!

Week 31
The Wrong Pajamas

Week 32
The Week With the Black Cloud

Weeks 33 & 34
Setting Steady For the Home Stretch

Week 35
Unfinished = Unprepared?

Week 36
Getting Excited!

Birth Story - 38.5 weeks
The birth of Jireh Blaze - It's a Boy!
And it's a perfect homebirth!

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