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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

~ Meet Julie

Hello! My name is Julie. I am 27 years old and have been married to the love of my life, Evan, for 2 1/2 years. We have a son who is about to turn 15 months and who is appropriately named Logan Tiger (yes, Tiger ). We are currently expecting our second baby at the beginning of February only days after our anniversary.

My husband is the oldest of 6 children (19 years older than the youngest) and I am the youngest of a set of twins. Immediately after we were married I wanted to have a baby but we agreed to wait at least 6 months, my husband having a little more experience with having young children around the house. After a very impatient 8 months I finally relinquished my overwhelming desire to have a baby . . . just in time for God to speak to Evan and tell him it was time. We were pregnant immediately and had a very easy and enjoyable pregnancy and planned for a homebirth. Due to an extremely long and rough labor, we transferred to the hospital for pain medication about 30 hours after hard labor began. A few hours later we had our healthy baby and began our life with Logan.

Our new little boy quite shockingly confronted the expectations that I had about parenting. He had terrible colic, and I've since discovered that he is almost off the chart for a category called "spirited". He has taught me much about patience and unconditional love. While we were planning on expanding our family in the future, Evan and I wanted to wait until Logan was at least two before trying again to conceive because of his temperament. Obviously that was not God's plan and we are embarking on the adventure of Baby #2, ready or not! With our second blessing, we are again planning on a homebirth and look forward to the adventure of becoming parents of two!

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