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Week 24 ~ October 25, 2003
~ Inspiration

It has been a wonderful week (still hormonally up and down but wonderful all the same).

This week I've been a reading-fiend . . . I've been absorbing Spiritual Midwifery by Ina May Gaskin and Birthing From Within by Pam England and Rob Horowitz. I've been surprised at how much both books inspire me. I can hardly put them down and my husband will vouch that my reading until 11pm or so is unnatural. Birth stories that inspire and questions that cause me to feel empowered . . . it's like the perfect menu. The stories help me to think outside my labor/delivery-box and realize that just about anything is possible. I feel more confident in the ability of my body now than I ever have. For possibly the first time, I am truly excited to give birth.

We also had our midwife appointment this week that went really well (their trainee was gone and she is so much more relaxed and enjoyable without her (actually, so am I)). I've gained an amazing 9 lbs. this month (I told you, blame it on the candy! Ha ha). The baby is measuring right on schedule at 24 cm for 24 weeks and the heartbeat was 150 bpm.

It was a short appointment but we were able to have a chance to talk over whether or not to take the glucose tolerance test (which tests for gestational diabetes). After researching the pros and cons and talking to our midwife, I opted not to take the formal test. I did however opt to test my blood sugar for 3 consecutive days with a glucometer (in a few weeks) to see how my body naturally process sugars. I would rather prick my finger four times a day for three days and keep track of my diet to get an accurate reading vs. taking the other test. I failed the other test (the one hour test) when I was pregnant with Logan miserably where a friend of mine passed - however we each had different directions to take the same test (I was to fast and she had a specific breakfast). What I'm looking for this time is accuracy based on my real, regular diet and I think we found a win-win situation.

I almost forgot! I called the insurance company this Monday about the letter they sent and they apologized for not making it ultra clear that my coverage isn't being lost, it's just changing form. Oooooooh! So all that worry for nothing. Why they didn't bold and highlight that paragraph with fluorescent pink is beyond me. The most wonderful part is that I can send my son back to our beloved family doctor and still keep my excellent midwife and homebirth plans. Yay on both accounts! (And I'm making a really big mental note to not panic if something like this comes up again . . . like I said before, God always provides for us).

As October comes to an end, the weather is changing rapidly. All the trees have become unbelievably beautiful . . . postcard beautiful! I keep taking the scenic routes when I drive so I can soak it all in before the gray Pacific Northwest winter appears. There is nothing like the smell of fall, baked squash and steaming apple cider to say "snuggle up". Speaking of, I think I'll head off to snuggle with a book. Mmmmm, it has to be one of my favorite times of year.

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