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Week 25 ~ November 1, 2003
~ Quiet Days and Belly Rubs

What can I say? It's been a very quiet week. Aside from a trip to the store and a few other errands, Logie and I have just been hanging out together. My best friend that is living with us started work this week (hence sending her son to daycare), my husband was busy 3 days this week with music and we were . . . well, lonely. Logan *loves* having a friend to play with during the day (even if we have to almost constantly break up fights and say, "share" more times in a day than we have in about 10 years) and I love having my best friend here - so it's been kind of a sad week. We'll adjust back to "just me and you kid", but it might take a bit. We were getting spoiled for sure.

Logan is growing weekly, having full conversations of baby-talk supposedly "with" us, almost running, figuring out how to get in the "special cabinets", etc. His face is looking older and it's been a little sad . . . my baby is really growing up! He was spending a little, much needed, alone-time in his room this week and figured out how to use the crib bumper to climb out of his crib! Egad! Off went that pad immediately (and I think I lost a few years of my life!). Sometimes he is too smart for his own good. I have no idea how he landed without knocking the wind out of himself or hurting himself in another way but I'm so thankful.

We took Logan out to my parent's house and his Great-Grandma's for Trick-or-Treating on Halloween to show off his pumpkin costume - his favorite part was carrying his bucket. He likes the candy wrappers of course but that's about it. Maybe it's a theme; he didn't like any of his birthday cake, just the icing. Well, that's healthier to like the packaging I suppose. Ha ha! Of course now we're faced with figuring out what to do with his candy - oh wait, I'm married to the human-candy-devourer . . . never mind!

The baby is doing great, definitely getting stronger still and seems to have his/her own sleep schedule going now. I am still shocked at how strong and quick this baby is in their movement; it takes me by surprise. I think I actually felt a little elbow brush across my left side this week - and to think that before I could never figure out what one body part was vs. another. I don't think I'll ever get used to how different Logan was compared to this baby; it just is so amazing. I know every baby is different, but it's mind boggling to realize it goes down to their core and comes out in every single way. If this baby is as active on the outside as s/he is on the inside, I'm afraid I'm really in for it. ::laugh:: Logan uses just about all my patience and energy in a day by himself. To add another, whew!

Physically I'm still very much enjoying being pregnant. It's getting hard to wash dishes in the sink because I can't seem to get close enough, I can't squeeze through anything anymore and I have to keep scooting my chair back. This tummy is definitely taking up space of its own! What is really funny is I keep thinking I don't look pregnant at all and then I'll catch a glimpse of myself in the mirror and stare in shock for a moment . . . that's ME??!!? Isn't it funny how we perceive ourselves? I suppose it's time to admit that yes, I'm pregnant and no matter what I think, everyone can tell. (hee hee!) Regardless of my somewhat-denial, the bigger tummy issue is great. I thought it was silly to be "infatuated" with my growing stomach last time and rarely took the time to rub and cherish it. This time, I find myself day dreaming and rubbing my tummy. Time is seeming both to stand still and rush by and I'm really wanting to take it all in. I think I just never realized how fast pregnancy goes by . . . only having 15 weeks left is just too wild. BUT, I have lots of time to get in belly-rubs and baby-conversations and I plan to make the most of it.

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