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Week 27 ~ November 17, 2003
~ The Haunting "To Do's"

((In case anyone was wondering, I was able to give all the cheesecake away so the cruel torture to maintain low blood sugar ended (well, we still have Halloween candy but as long as it's not out and about I'm okay))).

It's been another relatively quiet (but full of activity somehow) week. Logan and I were able to stain and paint both sides of the doors that are now, finally!, hanging up to separate our bedroom from the rest of our basement. I don't begrudge a single person the luxury of having someone else do these sorts of things for them. It took us two months from purchase to hanging to get our doors up! We had to coat them with 3 coats of stain and 3 coats of paint, all of which require adequate dry time (read "day" in winter) and our time to get done. My #1 goal this week was finishing those silly doors. Our friends didn't mind that I went to sleep while they watched a movie but having doors in between us now definitely makes for a more secluded, bedroom feel. My father-in-law and husband framed them in so well they are perfect - that makes all that time worth it. (Never mind those 5 small dent-looking things up in the right top corner . . . that's Logan's added artistic touch with a blunt metal object before I was able to stop him). ::grin::

I wish I would have been able to get a million more things done, my mind is crowded with a very long "to do" list and I'm getting frustrated with only accomplishing two or three things a week. Granted that's more than nothing at all but the fact that my grass is going to look like heck again next spring if I don't winterize it soon, my son needs new shoes pretty badly, our baby room has to be started asap, I'm in charge of somehow figuring out how the heck to create cheap yet abundant storage in our garage, my roses are still not covered and are looking like something was snacking on them, blah blah blah, just weigh on me. Anyone with any extra time and a strong back is more than welcome to come on over - if you like projects, I've got plenty!

Speaking of back, I've got an aching one. I don't know what changed this past week but it's been painful to put Logan into his car seat if I don't support myself, I can't carry anything in front of me without straining my back, and sleeping . . . well, I think I carry a new record for the number of times I roll over. When you wake up with more aches and pains than when you went to sleep, that's bad. I sometimes think that pillow I have to make me more comfortable is becoming an object of Evan's hatred. ::laugh:: It is SUCH a good thing he is a solid sleep-anywhere kind of person - and even then, he must get annoyed by being shoved and pushed by that pillow more times than I can count at night. Oh well, I guess if I get to carry the baby he gets to deal with the pillow's antics right? Hee hee.

The baby is doing wonderfully still. Growing, kicking, still flipping all over and finally hiccupping! I think s/he is still transverse (sideways), I feel most of the kicks and pushes on my upper right side and touches, pokes on my lower left side . . . but it's definitely not up and down. It's not time to panic or get anxious about the baby's position because I know s/he'll change it plenty of more times before his/her birthday but I still have been talking to the baby making a "deal" that if s/he is in the right position, I'll do my absolute best to have him/her the safest, most loving way I can. I don't know if babies can make deals but I think that sounds like a pretty good one. I can't believe after our midwife appointment this next week that we are going to be going to 2-week appointments! Only a little over 12-ish weeks left. Wow!

Evan and I were talking about Logan's birth this week when we went on our (finally weekly!) date-night. It was a good thing we brought it up actually because we obviously remember it veeeeery differently. Evan is still scared and worried that he did and will do something so wrong, that he didn't help me at all, that I was and will be mean to him and basically he's afraid of me being in pain again. ??? What a crazy guy! For the record, I wasn't mean to him at all except for one moment when I needed him to help me with a contraction and he was busy munching on his very stinky Zips hamburger. Every Mom knows that that is an exception of the "nice laboring wife" rule. We talked about what was difficult or not working with Logan's labor and what some new ideas are for this one. I have been reflecting a lot on what caused us to transfer to the hospital with Logan after such a long and great labor. (I'll spare the details for length but there was plenty that I would have done differently and have learned from). It was good to talk to Evan about it and we plan on taking an evening in the next week or two to kind of get a game plan (guy talk) for him to feel more comfortable with. I can understand how he felt helpless but I don't think either of us was prepared like we could have been - this time around I know that the absence of my resisting the contractions and underlying fear will greatly, greatly help. I'm keeping my expectations realistic however because like I learned the first time, you just never know how things will go - what I learned from the first time may not make a lick of difference, but I'm hoping that it will.

Well, my nesting instinct is calling me to the list of "to do's", and as Logan is napping, I'm going to hop to it! We wish you a wonderful week!

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