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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 28 ~ November 23, 2003
~ Into the Third Trimester!

There is something about this week that I absolutely love. I don't know if it is because it's the start of the third trimester and a noticeable step toward meeting our baby, or if it's knowing that, should the baby be born early, survival increases dramatically at this point and beyond. Whatever the case, this is a great week.

This week is snowed about 8 beautiful, fluffy inches! I could not believe it. It hasn't snowed this early in a very long time and stuck like it did. It is absolutely enchanting how beautiful it looks -- the trees, lawns, houses, cars, everything is covered with snow! We lost our power this week for 8 hours, because of a two day massive windstorm, when I was watching the little boy that stays with us and Logan. We were cold, bored and eating cold food until Evan showed up with logs for a fire and McDonalds! My saving grace! The boys were so hyped about the fire it must have been the highlight of their lives. It was so cute. (And it made up for no T.V., computer, heat or microwave). We ended up really enjoying both the snow and having a little heat to keep us from having to wear our winter coats inside.

We had our midwife appointment (and now start our "every 2 weeks" appointments) and it went really well. The baby is doing wonderfully, is amazingly head-down (I was definitely wrong on that one, I guess the baby took me up on my offer?) and turned with the legs to my right (the back is to my left). I kept trying to feel the head but no matter what I do I couldn't figure it out. Our midwife makes it look so simple, "Oh! There's the head!" Where??? ::sigh:: Guess I don't have that "midwife touch". We are measuring right where we should be and we had a belly-growth spurt his week too. I was in the middle of my regular power-yoga class wondering why in the world I couldn't breathe when I did this or that and what was in the way . . . wait, it's the baby, my tummy and for the first time in a very long time, my chest, woooohooo! (Less-endowed Moms everywhere know what I mean). Aside from that happy fact, I realized that as I was trying to hike my leg into a runner's lunge (and taking about twice as long as everyone else) that I am on my way to not only truly slowing down but a baby that needs and is going to take their own space if I like it or not. My one consolation is that I'm the only pregnant Mom in the class so I have to give myself a tiny bit of credit; I'm really going to try to make it to the end. We'll see! (I always wonder what everyone else thinks . . . do they pity me or think, "What a buff stud!).

The rest of our appointment was uneventful; our midwife took my blood to check for anemia and we talked about my blood sugar calendar I had been keeping. She wasn't super excited about a few of the readings because they were high but the rest of them were either within the normal range or below. The bottom line is that I have a capability to have high blood sugars but it's not constant enough to worry. (I tried to figure out what it was exactly that would cause my blood sugars to go too high but even though I practiced for 2 weeks, I never could really figure it out and I have a little basic knowledge about it. I have incredible respect for those dealing with diabetes; it takes a lot of commitment and knowledge!) I lost a pound apparently but after gaining 6 the last month, she thought it was just fine (though honestly, I think her scale is crazy this month, MINE sure doesn't say I lost a pound!). I took home a list of homebirth supplies and have already gathered some of them together . . . thankfully that nesting instinct is strong this time around, I feel like I might be prepared.

About eleven weeks left; I simply can't believe it. I don't know if I'll stand with what I say when it gets to be time but it would be fine with me if we are right on time or a little late having this baby. I keep thinking it's one more week Logan will be older, one more week we will be better prepared . . . oh goodness!

We wanted to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving (those who celebrate) this week!

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