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Week 29 ~ November 29, 2003
~ Grateful for Our Blessings

It's been another wonderful week. A week full of beautiful snow, quiet days and just being a Mom - sometimes there is nothing else I could ask for. We spent Thanksgiving at my in-laws' house, which is always absolutely great. There are six children in the family (four are younger than 13) and it's always a house full of life and activity . . . for someone who grew up as an only set of twins, it's a lot of fun and there are always more than enough hands to entertain Logan.

At long last we finally started work on building/finishing the baby's room! It was only a few hours worth of work but Evan mapped out a calendar of things that need to be done and when we'll do them all so the room will be finished for the baby at the start of January (supposedly, keep your fingers crossed!). This will be the sixth major house project we've tackled in the two years we've lived here so hopefully we are just getting more efficient. We're having to create a whole storage system in our garage at the same time since we are turning our storage room into the baby's room . . . we are nuts. I was feeling really overwhelmed trying to figure it out on my own but Evan is wonderful at breaking things down to realistic bites and he gave me a little pep talk - my mission this month is to have the very best outlook I can.

It's been hard to not be overwhelmed by most anything actually, I feel like my options are dwindling the more pregnant I become and I was starting to feel a little panicky about "it all". I don't have many options for what I can still do (cleaning 1/3 of the house is an exhausting event), standing on my feet has to be limited, my options for what and when I can eat is smaller (helllllo heartburn!), my options for clothes keeps getting smaller as I get bigger and some of my smaller maternity items don't fit, I have to make sure I sit just right or it's hard to breathe, and it just goes on from there. Overall, I had started to look inward rather than what the big picture is, what is both ahead and what is wonderful now. I just need to see the things I DO have and DO get to do and be grateful for them. Momentary discomforts and changes are so minimal; we are very, very blessed. (I'm so glad my husband doesn't think I'm silly when I need to be reminded of things like this!)

The baby has been growing more and I can tell that space is getting cramped for him/her, what used to be pokes and prods feel like rolls and slow stretches but not as fast and sharp as before. We've had a few quiet-movement-days lately. Maybe the baby is sleeping extra because his/her older brother is becoming our morning rooster? Logan is like clockwork actually, 7:18 a.m. every single day - which isn't so bad if I could sleep through the night . . . darned bladder! ::laugh:: Overall the baby and I are doing wonderful, taking some time to enjoy being pregnant every day and talking to the baby . . . so little time left to do that.

This next week we have our next midwife appointment and hopefully the finishing (wrapping even??) of Christmas gifts for our families - what a treat it will to be done early! We send blessings for everyone as we start December.

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