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Week 30 ~ December 8, 2003
~ Ready or Not!

Thirty weeks . . . the week in my Mom's pregnancy with my sister and I that we were born. Now days delivering at 30 weeks is not considered as early as it was almost 30 years ago, but I am always reassured somewhat when I go through this week; it's almost like a pregnancy milestone for me. The other positive part of it is that my Mom can start to relax a little and not be so worried that I will deliver early like she did (not carrying twins is a big help of course). Her only experience with birth before I had Logan was delivering my sister and I, her first children, afraid that we might not live, facing motherhood for the first time with premature twins. She has done an incredible job, but I had a heck of a time reassuring her that a homebirth for Logan (and now this baby) did not mean that something would go terribly wrong. Re-writing how she looks at birth is an experience that I think will go on for a while. Hopefully the fear that she has can transform into pride and confidence in her now grown daughters as they birth their own families. I can hope right?

We had our midwife appointment this week and it was a blast. My midwife has *just* arrived at her birth center when I showed up (after being delayed in an out of state airport for hours, missing her first few morning appointments and being on vacation for a week). It was kind of fun to watch her get herself back into "midwife-mode", no one would ever think it looking at her, but she has a great sense of humor and really enjoys being understood. We talked quickly about the after-birth-help I will have (Evan and the meals our church family brings for the first 2 weeks (bless them!)). It is thankfully his slow season at work and will be able to take more than a day and a weekend off work to help me/us get into the groove of being parents to two. I swore I would never have winter babies but now I understand why my mother-in-law has had ALL winter babies except for one . . . my father-in-law works at the same place as Evan - with their summer schedule, it would be worth planning for winter ones only!!

Birth plans continue to be on my mind and I daydream, visualize and talk over them with anyone who will listen. I know I can't predict how it will be but I so very much hope that this birth experience is *much* more peaceful and *much* less stressful to the baby and us as well. God knows . . . I am just going to do the best I can and ask Him to make up for where I lack.

Baby Stats: The baby's heart rate was 150 bpm again and I gained another 6 pounds in two weeks (yikes!). It just *has* to be baby growth - right? I was getting a little worried because for 3 days the baby was really quiet and movement had slowed down considerably but of course the day I went to our appointment things were back to normal and have been fine since. Our midwife said that if that happens again to just call and go in to double check things are fine. I know babies have "slow days" and so I was trying not to worry too much especially since there is a lot less room in there to be doing any gymnastics, but her saying it was no big deal to come in helped a lot. The Braxton Hick contractions have picked up and if I do too much even by the tinniest bit they get frequent so I've been trying to watch it. Picking up toys seems to be a big set-off but there seems to be no end in sight for that.

In terms of the baby room, we were able to build an entire garage-length worth of shelves (well, Evan and his Dad built them, I watched Logie) and fill them with what was stored in the going-to-be-baby-room. Isn't it incredible the amount of STUFF a family can accumulate? Now the next step is to find a super great storage container sale and buy a gazillion containers to put all that stuff in so it's neat and organized. Oy! We are still on schedule for finishing the room by the end of December though so that is the wonderful news (storage containers can wait a bit).

This past week has been wearing on me physically a lot more; I can tell I am definitely in the third trimester. The heartburn was relentless this week and upper backaches are getting common. I am grateful that the pelvis pain I was having so terribly several weeks back hasn't continued though and I'm trying to stay as positive as I can about the other aches and pains. I am grateful for every moment of being pregnant and I try to keep complaining to a minimum . . . there are only about 10 weeks left and that will be it. When I truly think about it, it almost brings tears to my eyes - another incredible transition into being a Mommy (and Evan to a Daddy) to a little one (and a toddler). I don't feel ready for it and no matter what I do; the time seems to slip by more quickly each week!

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