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Week 32 ~ December 26, 2003
~ The Week With the Black Cloud

This quite possibly has been one of the most frustrating and aggravating weeks this year for me. When you add everything together it was awful but I can't even say exactly what the one thing was that just totally tipped the scale. Overall it had a dark gray cloud hanging over it . . .yuck.

Monday was wonderful, my sister-in-law watches Logan so I can run errands, have time to myself, etc. and it was great! We finished almost all of our Christmas shopping together in the afternoon and I was planning on working on gifts that night. Evan is supposed to be working hard on our baby's room after work, because we are getting down to the wire and so far, not much has materialized. I know in construction it doesn't look like a lot until all of a sudden it's done BUT, there has to be some work being done and . . . well, there just isn't. So, I have my expectations up and he worked maybe an hour on it - and I didn't get to do almost a thing for the presents. I was an unhappy chica.

We did go to our midwife appointment on Thursday and that was fun as always but I had to bring Logan because my mother-in-law (who watches him every time, bless her soul) found out she had a sinus infection and double ear infection and didn't want to make him sick - so he was with me. That was a little interesting until he found these 10-inch Q-tip looking things (he loves to pull the cotton off Q-tips, it's one of his favorite things). He was fully entertained after that (phew!).

I relayed my concerns about how I'd been feeling faint, had black spots in my vision a little and continued to have *a lot* of Braxton Hicks but my midwife thought it was possibly due to dehydration and a possible urinary tract infection (the test stick I did at my appointment showed a +1 for protein in my urine). I really wanted to see if she could do an internal exam but I was too scared to ask her (isn't that awful?) thinking she'd think I was just overreacting. I started swallowing mega-cranberry capsules to take care of the possible urinary tract infection and began catching up on drinking enough water. The Braxton Hicks continued though and were to the point that when I started counting them, I was getting more than 6 in an hour and I could feel them pulling on my cervix (they've been painful this pregnancy so that wasn't my concern, they were just so frequent).

By Saturday I'd had enough of the near-constant Braxton Hicks and being worried so I called my midwife. (To begin with, I hate inconveniencing someone or bothering them, (especially on a weekend) so I called her only after Evan threatened me ). It wasn't her most wonderful moment by a long shot (I'm sure I interrupted something) but she did give me some advice for getting the contractions to stop. I got off the phone and felt about 10 feet lower than I had all week. Ugh. Her advice ended up not helping a lot but I figured if by Monday I was still having a lot of problems with contractions I'd just go in and ask for an internal exam to put my fears at rest. Amazingly, the contractions slowed down Sunday night a bit and have been less than 4 an hour. If I do much of anything but sit, I start getting Braxton Hicks again but at least now with rest they will cease a bit.

I don't know if I've been so frustrated, worried, or anxious because of something like this before. I felt so helpless to do anything and I haven't experienced something like it so I was depending on other people's help and information which felt like I had to extract by pulling teeth. The good part about the midwife appointment is that the baby is doing great, reacting well and moving a lot. We're measuring 31 weeks and have a good amount of water in there so that was reassuring. The baby's heart rate was in the 140-150 range and I lost a pound. Seems like the trend is to gain 6 lbs one week, loose 1 the next; gain another 6 the next week and loose 1 the next all over again. So weird!

So that was this week. I am very glad to be moving forward and onward and can put this crummy week behind me.

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