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Weeks 33 & 34 ~ January 4, 2004
~ Setting Steady For the Home Stretch

JulieTwo very fast moving weeks of holidays and the final year of our annual church conference - it made two weeks go by really quickly and as the end is nearing I'm grateful for anything fast moving as I am certainly not ! ::laugh::

Christmas was an absolute joy with Logan . . . he got so into opening his presents (i.e. ripping the paper) that he started opening all the rest of everyone's presents! He thoroughly enjoyed every present he received and that was really wonderful to see. The days of, "Underwear Mom?? I wanted a skate board!" are coming I'm sure so we were enjoying the little boy that constantly said, "Wowwwwww!" about everything. He made our whole family so happy, especially our Moms and Dads . . . that little boy of ours has stolen their hearts to be sure. (And doesn't he know it!)

It's funny, after all of our house-hoping for the holidays (to see both our families), birthday celebrating and having two sets of company stay with us I am feeling let down in a way. All of the big holidays are finished for us for a while and now I am not distracted by the upcoming dates - now it's the countdown for the baby (and the finishing of our baby's room). In reality 6 weeks is *not* much time at all but as I feel myself growing every day, it tends to look like an eternity. It's not hard to remember how much easier it was to have Logan on the inside than out, so while I dream of sleeping on my back and not having to pee every hour, I know that the right time will come but not any sooner than that. I can tell we're getting close because every time I see a new baby I get a rush that goes through me and Evan keeps telling me how excited he is to have another baby (yay!). I almost still can't believe we are going to be adding to our family so soon!

The past few weeks have been a bit rough physically - things are stretching (I have had at least one growth spurt but I swear it looks like ten) and muscles are telling me about it. My upper back has been really aching if I sit for very long and my feet hurt if I stand too long (great combination huh?). Sleeping has become a much-longed-for luxury that I am trying to maneuver through with my extra pillow and a lot of grunting and shifting but without much luck. I have been swelling-free thankfully and for the most part feel good aside from what I wrote above. I always make a promise to myself to not complain while I'm pregnant but I asked Evan if I could whine the other night . . . just to get it all out. He graciously listened and then gave me a foot massage, the wonderful man! He said I can complain anytime but I know what a blessing it is to be pregnant and I try to honor it as best I can. (It gets harder at the end to not sigh really loud sometimes).

Our baby's room has finally begun to materialize this weekend and the panic has subsided for the most part. When Evan gets on a roll he really can make things materialize. We still have the soundboard to put up, sheet rock to finish and the finishing of mud/light texture before we can paint but those go rather quickly. Hopefully we will be ready to paint within the next two weeks.

LoganSpeaking of the next two weeks, at our church conference I had Logan with me to keep him from getting sick with the flu (which has been really bad around here) - he was playing with a little girl in the hallway and wouldn't you know it but she broke out with chicken pox the next day! Ack!! I immediately called Logan's pediatrician who told me with the contact he had with the little girl, it's just about inevitable that he's going to be getting chicken pox within 13-22 days of the conference (which is sometime during the upcoming 2 weeks). I could have died. They also told me that if I deliver the baby early for some reason and he has chicken pox, he canNOT be around the baby at all (so since we are planning a home birth that would mean we either would have to leave or he would). I am praying that it won't be a problem anyway.

This week I need to get my hiney in gear and get our homebirth supplies in order - we have everything still from last time but not all in one place. I need to buy some things as well (we have no newborn diapers at all) and just basically get organized "just in case". This week we have our midwife appointment and I'm sure she'll schedule our home-supply-check date so rather than running around in a panic last minute I need to get it together now. I've been feeling rather "nest-y" anyway so with no baby's room to organize I'm sure getting the birth supplies together will fill that urge.

Aside from all the practical aspects of getting closer to the end of this pregnancy, I'm feeling bittersweet about becoming the parent of two. I have been asking God to help Logan transition to the new baby and warning Evan to expect him to regress some (I am expecting it to happen mostly in his sleeping schedule), I worry about our little guy. I know he will adapt to having a sibling but I would love to cover as many bases as I can to help him make it smooth. I wish I knew more moms of two that I could ask questions. He is very possessive of our attention already. ::sigh:: I wish there was a magical answer. The flip side of it is that I am really looking forward to being a Mom of two. I didn't get a very good start with Logan (or as positive as I wished for) so hopefully with a little more experience and understanding this time around the start to our family of 4 will be a wonderful one. Evan and I have even gone over how the division of house-duties will go (well, hypothetically) so that we can be in harmony right from the start. One of my goals for the New Year is to communicate better with Evan - test #1: New baby.

((I apologize if this sounds like rambling . . . I have been so tired but full of thoughts lately that it's a wonder if they come out in any sense at all. )).

Well, it's late and I'd better head off to attempt to sleep, happy New Year everyone!

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