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My name is Julie, I just turned 35 and have been on my mothering adventure now for barely less than 10 years and have been with StorkNet since before day 1. I can't believe it has been that long. I'm Mom to four amazing little people who are 9, 7.5, almost 5, and 3 years old. We have three boys and a little girl and to note that our house is busy and loud would be an understatement. There is more energy in a 24 hour period of time than I believe I'll have in my entire lifetime. We are incredibly blessed and grateful for our roles as parents, while we have resigned ourselves to never sleeping well again, or having an organized life. In my opinion, someONE is a good trade for someTHING. We strive for clean enough, healthy, comfortable and loving.

This little person I am writing about here, was a huge surprise. I was going through testing and it was assumed after it was all done that I was simply going through early menopause. We had completed our family and had found peace with that, and as our kids got older, our roles changed somewhat. But SURPRISE!!!! Despite what they felt was early menopause, and increasingly strange cycles, I got pregnant. Oh-my-gosh-pregnant. I can't describe my initial reaction - but it was pure, absolute disbelief. I was shaking and sending my sister emergency-texts with pictures of a pee stick I had taken on a whim . . . and our resulting 3am conversation was something that could have been on comedy TV. It has been one big adjustment since. (I admit it took me a week to tell my husband.) We saw the little Bean on ultrasound with a beating heart at 6w 6d and found our official due date (March 6).

Currently I am working full time outside of the home, and my husband has transitioned to being a Stay At Home Dad (which has been awesome). Our adventure of processing role reversal in our marriage has been hilarious and humbling. Seeing both sides for sure gives us understanding for past things, and grace for the current ones. I am nervous as a working Mom, how things will work out. but you'll get to read more about that later.

From here . . . it's an adventure, thank you for the place to share with you.

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