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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 11
~ Prepping to Tell the Parents

Ohhhhh man. The serious task of prepping my letter to tell my parents (who have most of the time not being excited about us having another little person after our first) has been on my mind since the beginning. I've written several letters in my head, mulled over which way I wanted to share . . . I've contemplated what my responsibility is as an adult daughter, to share this information at all . . . or in what way, etc. Honestly, I've had mini-wars in my head. Adding to this complicated mess is my history with my parents. My high school issues with being the daughter that was difficult and made decisions that were not approved of. This continued until I got married, and within four years we were expecting baby #2, so you can see it was a short reprieve of "good" there. Recently with taking on a job to support my family and keep my husband from traveling out of town 10 months of the year, there's been some support I didn't expect. Unfortunately, I'm about to put some big holes in that.

I keep telling myself that there are SO many worse letters to write other than "this little person will adore you for the rest of your life". I pray that I can remember these things and no matter what size of families my children have, and whether on purpose or by surprise, I hope I remember these moments. Where I so desperately want my parents' approval and support, and battle with the adult heart of mine that knows it isn't their approval or disapproval that makes something right.

Onto my letter so I can have this done before we leave for vacation . . . and ready to send when we get back.


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