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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 12
~ Vacation!

This week we were on vacation, a glorious, brain-vacation and time to spend together with my wonderful children, husband and his family! Heaven. I have honestly been looking forward to going on vacation since winter. Getting ready to leave we weren't sure if we were going to tell his family that we were expecting, or if we wouldn't . . . but as the weeks pass by, I want to tell my kids darn it! So we told his family. We took the same route we planned for my own parents, and we gave them a letter. This way, they could have whatever reaction they wanted, and they could put themselves back together and not just blurt whatever people in the past have tended to blurt. It worked out great. I am lucky that my mother-in-law has 6 children, so to her, 5 is still not too crazy.

And we told our kids! SO thrilled to share with them. We prefaced our telling them with letting them know they didn't have to be happy with the news we were about to share, and if they were happy . . . but decided later they weren't, we still wanted to talk about it. With that said, we told them and they were excited. Jireh was cheering, Logan was asking some questions (he understands the best), Graysen was excited and Jade has no clue, ha ha! So we went on vacation and everyone that was going with us knew, and no one was upset . . . a miracle. I have to say, it was pure relief not to pretend this little person is not a part of our life already. It really was wonderful.

Vacation was a whirlwind of running here and there, sand, sunshine, gorgeous Oregon coast weather and so many awesome tide pool creatures! One of my favorite parts of being a Mom is watching their amazing discovery. Snails, starfish, sea urchins, anemones, little fish, crab, barnacles . . . all so great! We went to the aquarium too and saw the big fish. What adventure! It was SO fun but we came back SO exhausted! I want to go back next year . . . but I'm not sure how realistic that is. For now, we are refreshed, have some special memories and a lot of Oregon sand!


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