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Week 13
~ Officially Official

Pshew, it has been a wild week. We had pre-drafted that letter to my parents, which they received this week, and since it was an "in order" telling . . . as soon as they had our letter a few days, I told my boss, and then my friends and coworkers. It feels SO GREAT to be official! My boss was truly fabulous when I told her and I was really pleasantly surprised at how awesome that went. And it was very uplifting to share with our friends, who have been super supportive. So wonderful. We haven't heard anything from my parents, but I think it will be a few weeks before they say anything, at the least. But timing telling our friends around the same timeframe has been encouraging any time I feel discouraged that my parents haven't said anything. We needed time, they need time. I am trying to understand completely.

I all of a sudden started showing pretty fast this week - wow! I had to start wearing maternity bottoms and regular long tops. Sitting with a regular waistband was making me feel sick. Speaking of sick, some of my morning sickness is easing - everyone sing hallelujah! OH MY GOSH I have never been SO happy to move past this phase of any pregnancy!! I'm still wearing my sea bands, but I have had a few consecutive days of feeling pretty ok for the most part. :insert shock: A light to my tunnel. I'm now of course completely exhausted instead, but that's do-able vs. the nausea, I think. Though I don't think you can label 4am any other way than "ouch".

I'm looking forward to meeting with the midwife group that was doing my testing earlier in the year (and have been the ones I've seen thus far in this pregnancy); I think we get to listen for a heartbeat. That's mid-week next week, and the week following we are meeting with my favorite (awesome) home birth midwife to talk about our care. I REALLY really want her to be our midwife, but I also have very very very fast labors, and last time we called her only five minutes before the baby was born, and all I had was 16 contractions total. This midwife is 2.5 hours away . . . she wouldn't make a labor even close to that fast. So I'm still thinking and mulling trying to hear what's best for this baby. My sister is pulling for a hospital birth so she can be there - but she can be there if it's here or not, but she likes the hospital better I think. The group of midwives that deliver there are pretty great, but I am pretty darned crunchy (in the sense of mega natural crunchy birther/baby care) so I have issues with the hospital more than the midwife group. BUT, we don't have to choose right away . . . though I would like to establish care with one of them just for relationship/peace of mind sake. I'm not a mega-planner but I do feel more comfortable when there's one in place.

Best wishes for a happy end of summer! See you next week.

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