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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Weeks 16 & 17
~ It's Really a Unique Baby!

I know pregnancy is not about ME, and instead about the creation of someone meant for this world and someone we are blessed enough to get to watch, guide and love. I know that's true... but I have to say that each and every single little person we have been so blessed to become a part of our lives has taught me something about life - be it myself, my husband, our families, our other children or the amazing thing that runs deep in my heart (birth and parenting). Perhaps that's a side effect, but it's pretty incredible that each little person comes with a lesson even before they are earth-side. This baby started teaching me about faith immediately... then trust and self-strength - and now faith and deep trust to a bigger measure. It's just not by chance, in my opinion.

This week I started a birth class, I know, with baby #5. Ha ha! We took Bradley, with our first, but seeing as my research regarding precipitous labors generally being as fast or faster than the ones prior... I have been concerned about coping well if we are going to have our other Littles with us (they have all asked to be). Right when I was looking into it, my friend who is a certified Hypnobirthing teacher asked if I wanted to join her class for a reduced price! Absolutely yes. Immediately I felt peace when she was talking about some of the philosophy and techniques. I am genuinely excited to learn more. As a doula, I've seen parents use this method with amazing results (as a side note, I do notice a difference that it seems more effective if the class is actually taken vs. the book read only). I was inspired to look into it further because of my experience with them as their doula.

This week we have our 'big' ultrasound and I'm really looking forward to seeing this little person. I do feel this peanut much less than the others at this point (if I remember right), so I will be happy to watch/see him/her. My last ultrasound... crazy! I can't wait to have a picture and just be sure things are good. We opted out of the other testing so it will ease my mind some.

I promise to have pictures next week!

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