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Week 18
~ It was ultrasound week!

ultrasoundIt was ultrasound week! And I'm growing a lovely little baby in there with a cute little face, a nice thick umbilical cord and healthy little self! I'm measuring a "week ahead" which means nothing other than this is just how we do things. We tend to have a bit bigger babies and they tend to come a wee bit on the early side. Everything looked great and was working well and it was truly good news. I haven't always had ultrasounds with every baby, but I will totally admit that with being a little tiny bit older, it did give me some peace of mind. I'm not a huge fan of ultrasound/doppler because of the way that it changes how baby's cells heat up and change the way they divide after the exposure... but I weighed benefit/risk and we chose to do the ultrasound despite our concern. It really was the best one we've ever had and was quite short, thankfully, while still getting great pictures and information. The baby's placenta is in the front and they prefer to face it and snuggle right up. Cuteness.

I haven't been able to eat as often as I'm hungry the last week or so (and I've been REALLY hungry sometimes), so I haven't gained a whole ton, but the baby doesn't show it, phew. I am slacking off on my supplements too (bad Mama!) so I really need to restart them consistently instead of only once a day if I remember. I am pulling myself together this week . . .

Took week #2 of the Hypnobirthing class this week and it was really cool again. I am totally loving this class. I've been listening (falling asleep to ) the cd's and I read the entire book . . . now just to get my husband to join in on the practice part of it. Someone made the comment that they are not into a birth class that denies the existence of pain in childbirth. I don't think that it does that however, but it does emphasize that you combat the fear-tension-pain relationship. I absolutely see how this style does that. It will certainly be interesting to see what this birth will end up being like - will I need the deep relaxation because it will be fast? Or long? Or in-between? Will I get to use my birthtub (finally)? I will just have to wonder!

Despite my wayyyy emotional ups and downs I've been having, it sure is nice to not feel sick every day. I'm trying to find some perspective between work-home grind without much extra play. I think I'm just still tired from so much darn overtime. But hopefully with some more time home, I'll start to feel rested with perspective.

Thank you for letting me share!

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