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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 19
~ Oh baby . . .

I can NOT believe I'm nearing 1/2 way . . . ack!!! And as this little peanut gets stronger (which is every day), I feel her/him more and now it's not just kicks, it's some of the turns and wiggles. (Be still my heart! That never. ever. ever gets old!). I'm realizing how fast the time is going and how fast I'm growing. Thanks to a few reminders from some ligaments. I had to start wearing my suuuuper gorgeous support stocking for my left leg to keep the varicose vein from getting really bad - but even then, ugh, it's ugly. And my foot has the typical "bruising" look to it again. I'm wondering if there's something to why it's only my left side . . . but anyways, there's evidence of more baby, less of me.

And maybe colostrum? Jade was nursing with more of an interest a few nights ago and I asked her if there was anything and she said there was . . . hmm . . . interesting. And I know it's only once a day but can I say how much I love that she is still nursing? (It's not something I usually feel like doing, but do it out of love for her, and am always glad I did). She's 3 and some change . . . I hope I get the chance to tandem nurse at least a little. Have NO idea how that would go, but I'm sure willing to give it a shot.

My Dad called this week and we have plans to go fishing together next week (he is a master fisherman). No mention of baby, but that's ok, I miss him and love him and am looking forward to spending time with him. He's such a great guy when he wants to be, and it's .01% about the fish and 99.99% about spending time with him. I'm looking forward to it.

Overall? I'm feeling boring. Eating, sleeping, working, eating, growing and just times marches on.

Thanks for letting me share!

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