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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 20
~ Half Way!!

This week went by crazy fast! We have been discussing vehicles, our house addition and the current level of crazy in our house. Ack! Ha . . . nothing like a reality check is your current children, right? The "the work never goes away, it just changes form" could not be more correct when it comes to them as they grow. You go from dealing with doing tasks for them, to teaching, managing and educating the right way to deal with situations, people and how to range themselves in in tough situations. Phew, it's been particularly challenging lately x4. Usually it's not quite all of them at the same time, but the past few weeks it has been. I think we need to go on an adult date as well because we haven't done as good of a job taking turns when one is burnt out, we're kinda both burnt out. Cheap date, here we come . . . soon I hope.

My fishing trip with my Dad was great; we had a BLAST. He's so brilliant and skilled at fly fishing and he just made it so easy for me . . . he would cast for me and I'd just bring the line (and fish) in, then we'd release them. I think I caught 10 - 15 fish! What a treat. I thoroughly enjoyed every minute with my Dad. He's an incredible man and being in his element was totally wonderful. And not a negative word about baby.

Two of the kids were able to feel the baby this week and it's the first real time Jireh remembers feeling the baby. The conversations we're having are HYSTERICAL. Hiccups, baby poop, birth canal (that was a fun one), belly buttons, how big a tummy gets, if babies sleep, if they play, swallow, etc. I know it's going to continue but I love it! They make me laugh and it reminds me of the wonder that it is. Pretty soon I need to pull out the birth videos so we can start to go over what things may look like or sound like or how I may act. This is going to be a whole new adventure with bigger kids . . . but they all want to be there. I hope there's enough time for them to be included without any of us being overwhelmed . . .

Thank you for letting me share! It reminds me to stay grateful and not get overwhelmed.

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