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Week 21
~ When you repeat "This will be worth it"

OH the joys! Of the amazing things our bodies can do. And sometimes don't do. I keep joking that I feel like a stuffed turkey at different times, but it's true - for whatever reason my body isn't giving as easily this time and I feel stuffed in here with someone who's shoving me over. Which is totally what is happening, ha! I finally started gaining some weight and as I'm showing more, I'm feeling it more. I always feel so funny laboring to turn over in bed and taking three turns to do it, but it's how it goes with sore hips and blanket adjustment and all of that. Goodness it's a partial production! And sleeping has sort of escaped me this week, horribly some nights. I'm not sure why I keep waking up at night . . . it's not to pee, I don't think I'm hearing anything (between earplugs AND a noise machine, it seems sort of impossible there's anything that can break through unless it's in our room or through the "baby" monitor). But laying there for two hours before my alarm goes off at 4am is brutal. One day I had to scrap my 16oz of coffee/day thing and just get a latte in addition to my coffee. I still was exhausted but at least functional for my job. The balance of necessity vs healthy sometimes is tricky, but desperation set in as I was falling asleep at my desk. Blah.

We went car shopping this week looking for a larger vehicle, and we found what we want, but we'll have to wait until next year to buy something. It's good to at least have narrowed it down to what will work for us, but I was a little disappointed to not have that feel totally settled. But good choices are better than getting what you want when you want. Right? Right??

In the process of crossing things off my list (agh, I can't help it! It's the gather-er in me) . . . we got a bid on starting the room off the back of our house (for the Littlest One), but that also was way out of our price range, so we're going with plan B, which means more work for my wonderful husband . . . but something that will work and is affordable. We're not willing to take out a loan for a small room, so bit by bit is how it goes. And how long do we have again?? Almost three months? Hope we can work some magic! The trick is making it look like a sunroom for the next house owner vs. a baby room. I'm thinking most people won't have a need for six bedrooms and an office . . . this way it can be used as an additional office or sunroom or perhaps they can knock out the wall between the sunroom-to-be and the master bedroom and expand the main bedroom. But weird isn't what I want it to be.

Other than growing, I'm not doing a whole lot this week. Next week I have a midwife appointment which I'm excited about. More time to talk to my midwife I adore, yay!


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