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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 22
~ Nursing While Pregnant, Our Adventures

It's been my endeavor to nurse my little ones all the way through pregnancy but it's never worked out. The boys were put off either by a taste change or a major reduction in quantity. My little lady is not at all. She has always regarded "num" as a big, big deal. I was really surprised she kept nursing when it seemed like my supply was all gone . . . but the most hilarious thing is that now that colostrum has showed up . . . she's . . . kinda acting like a newborn. As in we're changing diapers . . . a lot. At first I didn't realize, then I started reading some more about colostrum (most of the information is about newborns vs older nurslings) and read, that of course, it stimulates the digestive system. Heh.

So while SHE is all happy with the arrangement and change, it's not the most comfy thing I've ever done in my life. So every night I thank God for my beautiful little Miss, her willingness to weather change with me . . . and how happy I am that she is still nursing, even if sometimes it literally is THE last thing I want to do for the day. But she is so sweet and asks me so nicely for Num every night and if I tell her that something doesn't feel good, she'll try to change it. I mean how lucky am I?? She has always been such a sweet nurser . . . she would scratch this one place on my side where her hair tickled, even before it tickled. Cutie.

I think we may actually make it to the end nursing . . . and I admit I know NOTHING about tandem nursing other than my reading. I'm hoping it's not super hard to coordinate with a wee baby? And can I still have my little lady nurse only once a day? Or if I have her nurse more before going back to work, will I pump more? I have concerns about being able to pump enough. Stress + me + pumping has never = supply abundance. Blah. Not looking forward to that part!!! I'd love to hear your thoughts if you have them. I'm not against learning from others' been-there, done-that knowledge!

I can NOT believe it's only about 3.5m from now . . . seriously. I have maternity leave to save for and soooooo much to do! Trying not to stress out, but it's going to flash by! With two big holidays, present shopping, our anniversary and two birthdays . . . uh, yes, baby will be here before we can blink. Oh wish me restful nights . . . I can't think of it too much!


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