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Week 23
~ Logistics and Starting the Build!

Wahoo!! We started building our "baby room"/sunroom! Exciting!! My husband is the master of "If I build it, I will figure it out" which I not only don't understand, but could not do. Me myself and I would buy books, practice, probably make a small model out of popsicle sticks before I attempted something big. My husband flies by the seat of his pants and it works out. It amazes (and stresses) me. So we have about 600 pounds of cement in our backyard waiting for wooden framing. I was shocked cement can even set at sub-freezing temperatures, but it can! I think it's going to be really cool looking and a great solution to our growing family without being too expensive or too weird of a set-up for the people who own our home next. It will be different being on the main floor after sleeping in the basement for the past eight years with our little little ones. Now that the boys can get out of their rooms if needed (ie. through the egress windows we put in LAST November (because November is such a construction month in snow country?? I don't know . . .), and we are expanding, it seems time. It'll be strange, it's been a long time since we actually were IN the master bedroom.

So this week I started on the never-explored-by-me trail of maternity leave scheduling. Uh . . . it's been sort of . . . intimidating. From paperwork to timeframes and signatures and the logistics of who/how/when of it all has been daunting. But I realized I have three months and I'm there. (Excuse me while I hyperventilate!!!). Oh my gosh . . . for real . . . Anyways, I think it's going to take that long to process paperwork, so here we go.

On a side note, I gained more and this week it's another 2+ pounds, so I'm just over 5 pounds for the past two weeks of baby-growing. Woohoo! (And yes, I realize these are the last times I'll ever be celebrating myself gaining weight ). But it's obvious that the Littlest Little is gaining and getting strong! The thumps and lumps are seriously getting crazy! Today I actually gasped and the other day all the kids (well, Jade doesn't pay attention, but that's ok) SAW what looked like an arm swing past one way, then the other, through my skin. We are having the BEST time sitting and staring and feeling, in awe. It's SO cool and never gets old. What an amazing amazing thing, this baby-growing is. I'm so in love, and so . . . just in awe. How did I get so blessed to do this FIVE times??? Wow.

Until next week!

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