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Week 24
~ Wait . . . How Many More Weeks??

Don't get me wrong . . . we have SOOOOO much to do, but I am hurting every day. Agh, I'm trying not to complain but my husband recently told our (thankfully good) friend that I'm waddling in pain. Well . . . two things, I'm not waddling . . . once I get started with walking, but I AM in pain so it takes me a little to get going. Truthfully? I think I figured out some of why. Last night my lovely husband brought me a special pillow to sleep with between my knees (when I'm on my side) and it was shocking how much better I instantly felt. I think my discs are bothering me more than I first thought (and pelvis, and ligaments, and . . . and . . .). And sitting at my job all day? Not helping. But walking during lunch is kind of killing my pelvis. Oh I am falling apart!

So what's this? An age thing? A "I've had four babies already" thing? A "I sit all day" thing?

I want the time, I don't want to have to parent a newborn yet! But now what? 16 or so weeks left . . . ouch. I will not complain . . . I will not complain . . . I will not complain.

On a happier note, we passed 24 weeks! Yay! I always enjoy the little timelines that are good news for the Littlest one. S/he is old enough to be given a chance if born on the outside. I was a premie (though, 30 weeks), so it's something I think about.

I wish there was more to report other than aches and pains, but that is, unfortunately this week. I think just more body adjustment to a growing Peanut, which is GOOD! Kicks are crazy strong and baby is all over in there - so I know s/he is happy and healthy. It's a good thing.


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