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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 25

The theme of the week has been big... big changes. Big changes around the house, big progress to the new baby room build, big tummy, big stress at work, big baby movement and big emotional ups and downs. Some of those things are great, some are really not. Seems like as one thing is a relief (the baby room really starting to come together, for example), another steals that momentum/relief and it gets sucked into the vortex of stress. I had to sit down and talk it out with my husband last night, so much swirling around and I can feel the creeping edge of the third trimester sensitivity-to-surrounding-vibes already.
Trying to figure out the actual logistics of maternity leave, what to do with my work caseload and when, how in the world to afford taking three months off as the sole provider, and all the to do's really is starting to feel weighty. It sort of all lumped together at one time. It's my first time working after baby is born, I'm really nervous about all of this. Blahhhh.

Baby is getting bigger and doing all sorts of crazy acrobatics in there. I swear s/he is trying to widen my pelvis side to side by pushing on both sides at the same time. I keep trying to get baby to move when s/he does that, but so far, no luck... just pain. Silly baby! You just simply can not be side to side in there... it just won't work. We got wild arms and legs rolling by, on video this week. It's hilarious, and still such tiny little limbs, despite the punch they pack. Still not a lot of weight gain, but a little bit more. And more comments at work. So far all nice.

We've got 3 of the 4 walls up for the baby room frame - not a lot of other stuff IN/on the walls, but the floor and 3 walls are framed at least. It's now freeeeezing cold, so the other parts of this room might be especially fun to put together until the roof is on. He's doing so great though, and earning almost the entire funds just by playing/singing at night. Impressive, I think.

Ahhhh, so much to think about and do - I hope some of it settles in my head before next week... I am SO grateful and blessed, the details should just stay details and not steal away.


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