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Julie's Pregnancy Journal

Week 26
~ Things Take Shape

baby's roomAs the Littlest Little grows and gains, his/her room comes together piece by piece. This is what it looks like thus far (window openings included). Hopefully a roof and shingles are added this weekend. We have had such wonderful (cold, but not snowy) weather so uncharacteristic for this time of year. I swear it's the last grace just for this project. We have never built a room from the ground up like this. And when I say "we", I mean my husband as I do the taking care of little people and none of the building thus far. I do a good job with details, mudding/taping and painting, but wood and sheetrock? Not really as much. I admit I'm pretty proud of my husband, he's earning this room one music show at a time. That's pretty neat.

Little Peanut finally got big enough that my coat no longer fits and I had to default to an old jacket. Looks like another inch and a half and it won't fit either, but for now it'll do. I am signed up to help the boys with their ski class that starts in January so I need something that will keep the wind/snow out - there's a LOT of standing with the games they play to teach them balance for the x-country skiing, to start. My hips and sacroiliac joints have started really bothering me, but rubbing them does seem to help at least some. I have daydreams of a weekly massage. SERIOUSLY would that not be heaven heaven for any pregnant woman??? I can wish...

I have had no motivation to get ready for Christmas other than knitting and making gifts. We have to be as frugal as possible this year, so it's sort of challenging, but at least I can knit and sew! Hopefully things come together. With my musical husband it can be hard to pin us both down at the same time to talk about how to manage the holidays this year. We are used to having to be cheap-ish during the winter because of his seasonal job when he did work a regular job (ie wasn't the stay-at-home-Dad), so that's beneficial.

I'm going to try to get a tummy photo to share next week... it'll be the last week of my second trimester! Wooohooo! Excited for this little baby.


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